MxDC Vs ~ The NOW 52

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Mar 30, 2006
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Marvel x DC #1
WolfCypher (Creator) • The Corpulent One (Authorized)
Variant Votes by DOCKER 2.0, BLACKVULCAN, OBI-RON, runawayboulder, & THE MIGHTY THOR
Sketch Variants by BIGSAMS50 & PemLam
Digital Variants by DUKE, chiefchirpa, & flash13
Typeface Variants by ROUGEDK & CANARYFAN
Blank Cover by SPECTRE313
• THIS IS IT! The greatest era of the HYPE! starts here!
• MWF vs Pale Rider! With EVERYTHING on the line!
• The devastating secret of Yodaman!
• Who is...hops?!!
• lixdexia is kind of a dick.
• And a major death, so shocking, so out of nowhere, that will change the HYPE! forever...ANUBIS dies!!! True Believer!
• Special appearances by Didio, Loeb, and Liefeld! Guest-starring Wolverine and Batman!
7 PGS./Rated SEXY …41 Euros



Approved by TheCorpulent1.​

Archieves of All Rounds

Retroactive Round 175
Iron Man x The Dark Knight

Retroactive Round 1568
x Black Canary

Rounds 1531 - Ongoing
Wolverine x Wonder Woman

The Thing x Aquaman
Mr. Fantastic x Martian Manhunter
Daredevil x Black Canary
Gorilla Grodd x Vandal Savage
Ghost Rider x Captain Atom
Spider-Man x Batman
She-Hulk x Dr. Strange
ROM x Death's Head II
Electro x Captain Cold
Namor x Hawkman
Cable x Grifter
Blizzard x Icicle II
Atlas x Geo-Force
Black Lightning x Blue Devil
Black Lightning x Cyborg
Superboy x Power Girl
Spectacular Spider-Man x Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Invisible Woman x Wonder Woman
Punisher x Daredevil
Batgirl x Black Canary
Absorbing Man x Giganta
Bane x Lobo
The Hulk x Wolverine
Red Skull x Lex Luthor
Hercules x Guy Gardner
Trickshot x Merlyn
Major Force x The General
Lockheed x Krypto
Kitty Pryde x Supergirl
Zatanna x Catwoman
Doomsday x Cyborg-Superman
Catwoman x Red Robin
Doctor Strange x Aquaman
Union Jack x Grifter
Spider-Man 2 x Amazing Spider-Man
Catwoman x Black Canary
Super-Skrull x Despero
Taskmaster x Black Manta
Doctor Octopus x Baron Zemo
Apocalypse x Black Adam
Scorpion x Captain Cold
Tim Burton's Batman x Batman Returns
Venom (Flash Thompson) x Deathstroke
Emma Frost x Martian Manhunter
Daredevil x Green Arrow
Wasp x Phoenix
Jason Todd x Damian Wayne
Swamp Thing x Animal Man
Juggernaut x Lobo
Spider-Island x Ends of the Earth
Scarlet Spider x Red Hood
Spider-Man x Deadpool
Cyclops x Sinestro
Hal Jordan x Sinestro
Falcon x Steel
Falcon x War Machine
The Joker x Superman
Red Hulk x Venom (Flash Thompson)
The Thunderbolts x Exiles
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"who can stop a bullet cold, make the axis fold! fighting for her rights in her satin tights!"
Wonder Woman!
Wolverine. I have nothing but love and respect for WW, and I see her as being extremely important to comics, but when its all said and done, I just see myself reading anything with Wolverine in it over a Wonder Woman story.
The Winner of Round 1531 is...Wonder Woman (5-8)



Round 1532
The Thing x Aquaman
I'll go with the Thing, since Wolf put up some alternate Aquaman I couldn't care less about.
Love arthur but come on! He's the idol of millions! The thing!!
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