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My Alternate Indiana Jones 4


Aug 2, 2008
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With the disappointment and controversy of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull I find it only fitting to redo the story and to eliminate the extraterrestrial elements for the paranormal as is in the other films. Instead of the 1950s too this time the story takes place in 1948.

I won't begin with any sort of subplot because any one of scenarios can happen with Indy running under the catacombs of Paris, Angor Wat, temples in North Korea etc. They are all about Indy on expedition looking for something and then being betrayed by someone who gets what they want at least initially, nothing to exciting about that.

Instead let's jump ahead to Marshall College in Connecticut where Indy is once again concluding his lectures with his students. To his surprise he receives a heavily fortified and strange package from the daughter of a former colleague of his on a dig in Mexico who gravely needs her assistance. It is revealed the two of them used to trek around Central and South America when he was younger in search of various artifacts including the legendary crystal skulls. The man saved Indy's life enough times he feels he has a life debt and that his death on one of their expeditions keeps him interested in wanting to finally solve the mystery. Jones brushes it off because he is far too busy to want to follow through with it. He then opens one of the crates shipped to him with very thick sealing and finds it to be a Milton-Hedges skull that the two had once long been looking for in the 20s. Jones decides it's a worthwhile adventure and boards a plane for Mexico to city to meet the daughter of his colleague in at an exotic hotel where she meets him. She informs him that she was digging at the site of an undiscovered Aztec observatory near the ruins of Chitza Itza that may have some connection to the Indians who built it before the era and she found the skull. The skull should lead he somehow to the location of a temple where the other twelve are in the jungle altar where they can be reunited and be used to summon the gods for their purposes. They gather supplies and head out on the route towards the secret dig that Shila has started digging and begin to look around the petroglyphs for clues.

The sunlight coming through from a direction gives Indy a clue, he places the skull she found in the center of the light which deflects it to a carved image of a temple sat in the mountains. They duo figures that must be the location and it is facing north. The strange supernatural light emitted by the skull shows the distinctive image of a mountain behind the altar as the location of a volcano nearby. Indy removes the skull and the duo plan to head out to find it. But suddenly heavily armed men of pale skin enter the room force their hands in the air and snatch the skull. Shila cozies up to the head leader as if she is his lover and it's apparent she brought Jones down to do her dirty work for them. They take the skull and head off in a jeep for the mountains. The armed men's orders are to take him into the jungle and to shoot him, but as expected he gets the better of them, takes their guns to commandeer a jeep and give chase after Shila and her boyfriend. After a long drawn out chase through the jungle and dodging tourist at the nearby Pyramid of the Sun. Shila gets knocked out of the jeep and her boyfriend leaves her behind. Indy sees her as good collateral to bring along, especially since she know so much about the skulls. He takes the jeep to the rural train depot and they board there to plot their next course of action after both having been betrayed.

The train takes them through the rugged hills of Mexico and is somewhat of a bumpy ride which makes for a comical planning process of what to do next. Both Indy and Shila discuss the riddle that must be solved in order to bring about the spirit of the gods. If they do they can take the skulls and alternate nature in whatever way they wish to if gathered together and cause chaos. As they speak, more armed thugs drop from a primitive helicopter and start trying to get ahold of the skull again. The man snatch the skull, get back into the helicopter and takes off. Indy and Shila manage to fight their way off, knock all the thugs off, and then jump from a trestle bridge into the river below to escape the threat.

Now Indy and his girl has to get back the skull and then beat Shila's boyfriend to the altar at the top of the volcano where the skulls can be reunited. As they go through these rugged mountain tops, Indy and her go back horseback up the mountain chasing after the caravan of men and trucks. They manage to simply fail to stop them and are brought by force to the altar at the volcano. The altar is located inside of a series of carved caverns and a gathering room where all of the other skulls are already gathered together. Using the clues from Shila that she and Indy put together on the train, they are able to activate the skulls and then the spirit of an ancient pre-Aztec deity appears to do their bidding. In an experiment to test its power over nature, the man asks the volcano to erupt and destroy the nearby villages to demonstrate his willingness to obey. Sure enough the deity agrees to comply and the volcano begins to erupt with an earthquake beginning to happen. The altar begins to fall apart in the tremors. Everything is happening to quickly to save the skulls from damage. Soon it collapses into the molten core of the volcano and it consumes everything. The skulls clearly being absorbed into the volcano counter act the command placed upon the deity and it does not destroy the nearby village of Indians, but instead consumes itself and collapses inward to form a caldera.

Jones and Shila are able to escape the disaster and it turns out they actually have a thing for one another and they wander out of the jungle as it starts to get dark. End. Roll credits.

This is just a rough idea with villains likely to be Nazis hiding out in South America hoping to restore the Third Reich. The most likely title would be Indiana Jones and the Despicable Skull.

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