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Aug 1, 2012
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Hello, Guys. I'm Charles. I created this thread to start my journey on becoming a real life spiderman. I know it sounds farfetched, but I'm working on it being possible. I have formulas on how to make web fluid and how to make webshooters. I do parkour and have taken karate for 3 years. I'm looking into making gloves with a strong adhesive for the gloves. My suit? I'm looking for someone to make it.

Here's my formula:

-40% polyisoprene
-40% polyterpine
-14% Pva
-6% bonding agent

It give credit to White Widow for that formula. What do you guys think?
you forgot the solvent mixture. ^^;

I give you some advice:

1.) karate is cool, but make sure it's not a Mcdojo.
2.) Study actual spiders. Spider-man rarely does what a spider can.
3.) I'd recommend not fighting crime, but I could see you doing a lot of good in the community with that.
4.) If you are going down this path, kids will believe in you. Don't give them anything that would betray their trust.
5.)the whole costume thing. Peter parker was a kid from manhattan that couldn't pay his bills. Don't focus so hard on the costume. Look at this:

It's a simple pair of swear pants, a sewn duo of polyester shirts with leftover fabric to make the mask. Easy to replace, durable.

Best of luck Spider.
OH thanks! You saved me! And I'm sure it's not a mcdojo lol.
I will start studying spiders asap.
I will. Bulletproof/Stabproof vest will be bought.
I am. Kids will be my motivation to keep going!
I wont. I'm going to print it on lycra spandex.
cool but in what city you live I mean peter parker live in new york and that benefit him because it has a lot of buildings your city has many buildings ?
I am from mexico I don t now very well atlanta are a lot of buildings?
Matter of fact, White widow your right. I have two polyester shirts and will use one to make the mask and use the other for my shirt. Sweat pants and chucks!
Is this serious? You're going to get yourself killed.
The formula is theorized to be an sticky fluid and to splatter on contact on whatever it hits! and I'm trying to find out how to strengthen the fluid. I need to reinforce the rubber by impregnating it with very small cystaline fibers. Any ideas? And I know Spuzz it's dangerous, but I want to do it. You can rest assure I won't go out without a bulletproof/stabproof vest. As i stated before, I do parkour and have taken karate for 3 years. I'm a brown belt. I know how to protect myself.
I'm gonna be Shocker, your first supervillain.


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yeah. i never realized how ridiculous it is for a guy to shop for body length fishnets.

found some wicked red boots though. im only up to $3000.
Can't wait to read the news story about an atlanta GA man falling to his death because he thought Parkour and some solution he thought up would be enough to ACTUALLY be Spider-man.
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You know, after reading this, I started wondering what happened to that fellow in Chicago who was going to become Batman...
Wow. You guys are no help at all. I KNOW Parkour! My formula is theorized. Im not going to go out and hope to god It will work. No! There will be numerous expirements and more. And Charles isn't my real name. Why would I give my secret identity on the internet??
I'm not gonna say that I don't believe a word you've typed, but I strongly doubt your ability to concoct some sort of web fluid in theory or otherwise.
cool charlez but think that someone shoot you in the head ,,, better that if you do the web shooter sale it you will be multimillonary

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