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Jun 25, 2007
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Due to the dissapointing news about the upcoming Justice League movie. I wanted to write how I personally what a Justice League to be like. So here it is. After you read the first part, tell me what was good about it and what was bad. I did post my earlier ideas on here and The Planet but they got mixed reviews.

Justice League
By Sharkfestation

Heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash(Wally West), Green Lantern(Hal Jordan), Martian Manhunter, and Black Canary.

Villains: Darkseid, his minions, and his armies.

Note to Reader
The reason why I replaced New Genesis with Krypton is because having New Genesis as the planet Apokolips was at war with would take to long. This is a Justice League movie, not a New Gods movie (sadly). The main focus should be the Justice League, Apokolips, and how Earth reacts to the invasion. Another thing is that if Apokolips attacked Earth with New Genesis as the planet keeping Apokolips in check, New Genesis would fight off and protect Earth from his forces. Which means there is no point of a Justice League being formed. Since Krypton was destroyed, this makes the Justice League being Earth's only hope to fight against Darkseid and his armies.

For thousands of years, Krypton and Apokolips have been at war. Krypton had been trying to prevent Apokolips' ruler, Darkseid from finding Anti-Life Equation. The Anti-Life Equation allows the person who knows it control over all living things. This was also a personal war, Darkseid has a personal hate for all kryptonians especially Jor-El. Darkseid hates Jor-El for declaring war on him violating his direct order not violently invading and attacking near by planets for " a thing that problemy doesn't exist". Darkseid claims that kryptonians are preventing him from "bringing order to the universe". Even though in reality, Darkseid's greatest ambition is to eliminate all freewill from the universe and re-shape it into his own image. After Krypton exploded, Darkseid terrorized the universe by conquering planet after planet. Darksed became very angry that in all the planets he conquered, there was no signs of the Anti-life-Equation. Then Desaad tells him that kryptonian is still alive and is on the planet Earth. Not only that, it is the son of Jor-El. He also says Earth may be the planet that holds the Anti-Life Equation. Darkseid is hungry for revenge after being hummilated by Krypton for years. He wants pay back for "the sins of his father". Darkseid launches a full scale invasion towards Earth. Darkseid watches as his armies loaded a huge ships that boomed to our Solar System. Darkseid says to himself "You're beloved world will bow down before my might, son of Jor-El!". " Your beloved world will die screaming, their eyes will melt, their bones will crumble, their fleash will rot as well as yours!" " Your regin has ended and mine has begun!" Desaad walks into his room and tells him it's time to leave. Darkseid grins in a grusome manner while his eyes glow.

What do you think of it so far?
J'onn J'onzz a.k.a Martian Manhunter walks across the arid, red sufface of Mars with his head down. He is lonely and depressed because thousands of years ago, Mars had a civil war between the White Martians, and the Green Martians. This wiped out their entire race and J'onn was the only survivor of that war. All of a sudden, he hears a huge boom. He looks up in the sky and sees something that looks a swirling worm hole. He soon realizes it is a boom tube from Apokolips. J'onn is no strangler to Darkseid. Darkseid had once invaded Mars in his mad quest for the Anti-Life Equation, but it failed. J'onn heads toward Earth in a spacecraft of his to warn them of Apokolian invasion.

In Metropolis, Clark Kent and Lois Lane go to a NASA Press Conference about recent disturbances in the Astroid Belt which they don't realize is caused Boom Tunes opening near Jupiter causing constant minor collisions and metor showers. Lois complains to Clark that she should been assigned to cover a more "exciting and important story". Then at that monment, a shower of astroids heads right toward downtow Metropolis. Clark says to Lois to go somewhere. However, Lois worries about Clark but he just says he will catch up. Clark runs through a near by alley and changes into Superman. Supeman stops the shower. Soon after, Lois runs into Perry's office and tells him she has the scoop of the astroid shower only to find out she was beaten by Clark Kent.

In Keystone City, police scentist, Wally West works in the lab with his co-workers. They tell him that he is a lot faster then used to be at work. As Wally is about leave work, he hears on the radio that Leonard Snart a.k.a Captain Cold has attepted to rob a bank in brod daylight. Wally puts on his a ring with a lighting bolt on it and ejects out his costume. At the bank, Captain Cold runs out bank and threatens surrounding cops by saying " Out of the way piglets inless you want to get a brain freeze!" Flash runs taps him on the shoulder and says " I never knew your name was Leonard." "Back off long johns!" Cold yells while he is trying to freeze him. Flash says to him " Gotta try harder then that Leonard." " Quit calling him that, it's Cold, Captain Cold!" Flash slips on ice and rams into a parked car. Cold points the gun at him and says " Look laughing now!". His joy is short lived only to find out his gun is jammed. Flash knocks him out unconscious.
I will introduce the others next.
In the docks of Gotham City, a group of men stand one docks waiting. The boat that they have been waiting for all night is finally here. The captain gives the gang his cargo, a truck load of AK-47's and M16's. The men are about to get the guns intill a voice says " Seems to be a bit late for a charity drop off boys!" Black Canary leaps out of the shadows and attacks the gang and defeats them. However, two of guys get in the car with some of the guns and drive off. Black Canary screams her "Canary Cry" causing the car to crash leaving them unconscious. The fight is based off the fight in JLU.[YT][/YT]
While J'onn heads toward Earth his spacecraft starts go off course. He lands off the coast of Gotham City. Meanwhile in the Batcave, Batman studies the recent disturbances in the Astroid Belt and highy doubts the NASA explaination for the disturbances. All of a sudden, he hears distress call off shore. He goes out to investagate. What he finds shocks even him. He discovers J'onn wounded from the crash. He takes him and brings him to the Batcave before authories find out. He starts doing series of tests on his physiology. He then wakes out yelling in feat saying "he's comig, he's coming. Batman pins down of the table and askes him who. He answers "Darkseid!"
Batman asks who is Darkseid even though the first question on his mind is, what is this thing. J'onn gets up and tells him what he is and where he came from. Batman says "that is not the question he asked", J'onn knows but he tells him that he can read. However, Batman considers this a threat and graps J'onn by the neck. Batman growls " Answer the question why did you come here, what you want, and who is this Darkseid". J'onn is released from Batman's grip and explains to him that he has come to Earth to warn them about Darkseid's invasion and build a army made up off Earth's metahuman and costumed vigilante population that fight off Darkseid's forces since Earth armies and techology wouldn't stand a chance against Darkseid's armies. J'onn tells him that Darkseid's forces are already in our Solar System. Batman asks J'onn how they they were transported to our Solar System if they if millions of light years away. J'onn tells him that his armies use boom tubes which are artifical worm holes that can transport them to any part of the universe that they have traveled before. J'onn tells him that they have been to our Solar System before when Darkseid thought the Anti-Life Equation was on Mars. Luckily the invasion was unsuccessful. However, Batman and J'onn still wonder why Darkseide wants to invade Earth now. When Batman is about to contact Clark Kent, J'onn tells him " I have already contacted them." " Who's them?" Batman asks. Martian Manhunter stays in the Batcave being taken care of by Bruce and Alfred. Meanwhile, Clark Kent is typing a story about the strange crash outside Gotham City on the computer. He then blacks out and sees images of a dark cave and screaming bats. Lois asks him what is wrong. He answers he is fine. However he races out of the Daily Planet and runs to a near by alley to change into Superman. He heads towards Gotham City. He doesn't know why, but he feels he must go there. Wally West and Dinah Laurel Lance have similar experences. They all head to Wayne Manor. They don't realize that J'onn J'onzz has mentally contacted them so he can warn them and form a "league" that could stop Darkseid. Bruce walks down to check on J'onn, only to find Superman, Flash, Black Canary around J'onn.

Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Green Lantern will appear later.
We don't need to know every aspect of your story, detail by detail, a rough plot premise is fine. It's an okay idea for a film here are some of the things I liked, and some I believe need to be changed.

I like:
The idea of Darkseid invading Earth.
The civil war of the white and green Martians.
Darkseid going to Earth for the Antilife Equation.

I don't like:
There are a lot of unneeded supervillains appearing before the main action of the plot with Darkseid starts. I noticed Captain Cold as one.
Apokolips and Krypton being rivals. Reason being, Krypton had much intergalactic knowledge about other civilizations, but at the time of Jor-El, no. Jor-El would have not been concerned with fighting Darkseid and would have had little to do with his planet's affairs. Instead, Krypton had limits on space travel at the time and was an extremely peaceful, but isolated planet, that would not work for a backstory.
I also don't like Batman being the one going into space looking for phemonmena in the asteroid belt, leave that up to a more realistic approach from Superman, Green Lantern, or someone else who flies through space normally.
Use a space between your paragraphs as well!

Hope I can help a little.:cwink:
Captain Cold was added because I wanted to show what what Flash pretty much does everyday.
Batman is not going into space, he is looking sattile pictures and cameras on the Bat Computer. These get his attention because of the recent metor showers has caused paranoia throughout Gotham causing a increase in the crime wave.
I'm going to keep the Krypton vs. Apokolips storyline in the my idea. Also, I going say is that Green Lantern and Wonder Woman's origin is going to be a part of my idea. They're origins are going to be a little different then the comics but not be different. Aquaman will be introduced later when Darkseid invades Earth
I going to do another rewrite. I going to make up a villain. They would be similar to White Martians and the aliens in Secret Origins. I would have more liberties for a make up villain then a villain that already exists.

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