My Kids' Artwork


Sep 22, 2004
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Hi everyone, here are a couple of drawings from my kids. (they've been asking me long enough to put their pictures on here!!) They are both big comic book and movie fans, and love this site! :up:

This is Comic Book Wolverine by Alex aged 5

This is Movie Wolverine by Colin aged 9

and here is a 'cartoony' look picture based on X-Men 3 again by Colin aged 9.

Thanks for viewing guys.

lol, those kids are talented for their age
aww thats so cute,i love colins movie wolverine
Those are really good for kids their age! :up:

It's a testament to Colin's skills that I came to his movie Wolvie drawing to figure out how to draw feet! Shows how much skill he has!! :D
Second picture is really good for young sons age, it is good. Keep it up!
very good ! you have a great talent ..keep it up
ah, lovely artwork.

alot better than mine, when i was at that age :o

keep it up, dudes :]
So this is Colin's work. Very good for 9. Alex is good too.
That movie Wolverine is outstanding. Better than most of my drawings at 15.
I love Colin's cartoon picture!! ALL the pictures are really good!!
colin's work is really good for a nine year old you should let him pursue art.
Batty for Bats! said:
I take ****s that look better than that. :down
Dude, even if you're joking, that's uncalled for.:confused: :down
Batty for Bats! said:
I take ****s that look better than that. :down

Are you ******ed he said his kids drew them dumbasss.
And they're great for kids 9 and 5. Really.

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