Age of Extinction my mark wahlberg theory for tf4


Jan 23, 2006
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He's not going to play the 18 year old senior's father because he's to young. I think he would play the young uncle. Maybe the 18 year old's father died on the track. Which is why she is attracted to her Texas racing boyfriend. Meanwhile the uncle try's to keep her away from him and the tracks because of what happened to her father or maybe he made his brother a promise before he died to keep her away from the tracks. Either that or he's going to play Casey Jones in teenage mutant Ninja turtles. I know bay already said mark wouldn't be in tf4 but bay also said megatron would be back an he wouldn't direct tf4.
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Did you read my last sentence? Bay also said he wouldn't be directing tf4.

Sorry I missed the last sentence. I think that they were discussing Ninja Turtles too. We have to wait and see. :)

By the way when Michael Bay said Megatron would return? Or you're talking about ROTF when he said he wouldn't return?
So now it looks like Bay is going to put wahlberg in tf4. Misdirection from Bay is consistent.

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