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My Marvel Legends must go!!! ebay :)

Nice collection

If I may......what's the reserve?
Roughneck said:
Nice collection

If I may......what's the reserve?

i didnt know whether to set one or not, so i ended up setting it at around $3.00 a fig so its $125. i may end up dropping the reserve, not sure.
??? damn IVE BEEN MADE >_<
Um...I just shipped you a package yesterday and you happen to use your full name as your ebay user name. Not hard to figure out..

And a name like "cockerham" isn't exactly one you forget quickly.
meh.. I'm not going for more than 40 dollars.. If i win cool. I will have extras... If I dont.. Who cares :p Never hurts to have extras of some of the rarer figs

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