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My monitor


Apr 20, 2003
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a baby pressed something on my keyboard and now my other monitor is tilted to the left, (like the left side of the screen is on the bottom). Does anybody know what I could/should do.
The left side of the screen is at the bottom?? Like moved 90 degs to the left? How odd
A button on your keyboard did that? Are you sure it didn't press the buttons on your montor as well. Could have screwed up the screen geometry that way, tilting it sideways.
Yes 90 degreess,the left side is on the bottom.

Can you guys let me know how to adjust screen geometry?
I have never come across this, not from just pressing a hot key on a keyboard.

Are you sure this "Baby" didnt pick up the monitor and turn it on its side :D

What monitor is it, and did you install software on the pc to use it etc....? Because if the software is on there try looking in help to see if it has any hot key functions for that.
I know it's been a long time since this came up, and you've probably solved the problem, but I finally figured out what happened. (Well, at least this is the way it happened to a coworker's laptop.) Figured I at least post it for others to see incase they come across it.

If you hold down Ctrl+Alt and press an arrow key, it rotates you monitor. So pressing that with the left or right arrow should rotate it back. Using the up or down arrow flips the screen upside down.
That key combination to rotate the monitor is not a standard Windows key combination. You must have some sort of specialized softare on your system to cause that.

All I know is that she's got a Dell laptop. Why it works, I haven't a clue. Doesn't work on any of my other systems.

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