My pitch for an MCU X-Men Film (Giant Sized X-Men)

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    The script is titled X-Men Annihilation, although I haven't done a cover page yet - probably should do that before letting people steal my work willy nilly - I'm thinking the final title will be Giant Sized X-Men, no really! - but anyways, the reason it is so titled is that the movie Annihilation with Natalie Portman was my inspiration for this X-Men movie. That and Kong Skull Island, yes those two films of all the films are my basis for the X-Men movie.

    The short pitch is that The original 6 (of the 7) X-Men are captured by the island Krakao, after being sent back, Cyclops assembles a new team to rescue them.

    The longer pitch is the island is psionic in nature, causing hallucinations as well as actual danger from plant like monsters. The further they get to the center brain the worse it gets.

    • This is the first draft and therefore some notes
    • It's currently 74 pages, and I'd like to get it to 100-120
    • I am working with a partner and he has not reviewed yet
    • He has a completely different pitch so anything could change at any time
    • We do work in entertainment but this is strickly for fun
    • Nightcrawler's backstory will likely change to him being an actor who plays exclusively monsters - some of the scene will resemble what is there now.
    • Colossus will likely get a complete rewrite making him a bag man for the mob like in Ultimate. He will still be gay, although the reference to that may get deleted. I had an idea where to go with his sexuality, but I ended up leaving it out.
    • The Storm origin, specifically the stripper part will not survive rewrites, however, I don't like the Goddess angle since that makes African look primitive. She was exiled from Wakanda as well. Also I dislike how her current backstory sounds too much like Angel Salvadore from First Class.
    • Iceman is gay as well, but he doesn't get enough time to make this relevant
    • Scott and Jean Grey are basically engaged by this point although I haven't specifically worked this in
    • Wolverine is likely one hundred years old.
    • If it's not specifically stated Magneto is black and I see him being played by Denzel
    • There may be more Magneto stuff added
    • Magneto's annotated backstory is that he was born in Alabama in the 1960s. His parents were lynched for being black. Later, as a young boy he destroyed a confederate statue in the park in a fit of rage. He was arrested and incarcerated as a juvenile although nobody even could prove that he destroyed the statue only being a boy. After his release for good behavior at 24, he enrolled at a University where Charles Xavier and Moira MacTaggert (I misspell her name many times btw) teach. He learns from them, and they are only slightly his senior, seeing as his enrollment is late. He starts having an affair with Moira shortly thereafter - these are some elements I may include on rewrites.
    • I decided to make Magneto black to avoid the obvious issues with most Holocaust survivors being over 100 years old.
    • Krakoa is not specifically stated as dead and could possibly return
    • The idea with the end is to create the potential for an X-Factor movie, so you would have two (or three) team franchises at once.
    • Probably more Havok stuff in the rewrites as well. Some scene placements will get moved around as well, specifically, formally introducing Jean Grey sooner.
    • There are three nude scenes technically. They are, while not specifically stated, PG-13 "nudity" (obscured or not shown completely). Only one will survive the rewrites, and I'm thinking that's Storm's bathing scene, and that scene will also be expanded.
    • Swearing will likely also be reduced.
    • Wolverine will get a bookend scene to give some closure to his character, or which there isn't any at the moment.
    • There's already a deleted scene at the end of Beast getting a letter of acceptance to the Avengers played off as a gag since it's literally all he does in the script.
    • Thunderbird was included at one point and dies in ACT II. I deleted his scenes, but may consider his re-inclusion.
    • Eric's role departure will be re-imagined. He will have been put in a coma, he will be in the coma at the end, but be coming out of it. Moira will stay behind on the island because she is the island.

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