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Nov 19, 2002
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Luthor teams up with Braniac, and together (using alien technology) they create Metallo. Then, after he is defeated, we end with a cliffhanger of Luthor & Braniac's latest plan, as we see the blueprints for their new destructive creation. A being of pure, solid mass.

Luthor calls it Project: DOOMSDAY.

Insert random Clark/Lois/Daily Planet stuff.

Engagement is a possibility.

This is where things kind of change.
Braniac, Luthor, a newly constructed Metallo and a SENTIENT Doomsday team up to beat Superman. They kick the crap out of him. He's near death, when Braniac stops them, saying that now that Superman is gone (he thinks), he will fulfill his plan to DESTROY the Earth.

Luthor says that's not fair, and that they had a deal. Braniac says that Luthor will a sideshow freak, the last Human. Luthor gets angry and finds Superman's body. Luthor, Doomsday, and Metallo shine Superman with UV rays and revive him. They want him to defeat Braniac and save the world. Superman, of course, is skeptical, and thinks this is a trap. They say it isn't and they just want to save their own lives. The supervillains agree to go to jail once the battle is over. They all team up, and defeat Braniac. Right as Superman is ready to arrest the villains, he is pain-stricken...Luthor's Kryptonite ring!

Luthor begins laughing as Superman dies. Conversation:

Metallo: What're you doing?

Luthor: I told you that Superman was going to die at my hand. That's right, alien. I want to hear you scream as your skin turns green. I'm sure you wouldn't believe that I had all of this worked out to the 10th decimal point three years ago.

Then, Doomsday grabs Luthor's hand, crushes it, and destroys the Kryptonite ring. In the end, Doomsday was the greater man, and saved Superman's life ('cause after all, he saved his). They all go to jail.

Then (maybe) Clark and Lois get married. End.
I kinda like that. However, you must know that
Supes does die in SR so Death/Life wouldn't and shouldn't be reused
. Even if its one thing from it or not.
Well, in this Superman doesn't die. He's just near death.

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