My Super Hero Novel is finished...finally!

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Oct 18, 2005
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I want to thank those Hypsters who supported me over the years. I've gotten nothing but inspiration and good vibes here from fellow authors.

The printed copies arrived and I'm overjoyed the the design. Although I decided to go with a more straight novel format over a comic book, I put in a few illustrations for an indy graphic novel feel.

I'm negotiating with a fledgling Ebook publishing company right now for future promotion. I wish I could be more detailed and eloquent at this moment, but I still feel like I ate the central power battery on Oa.

Mods, feel free to take the 2nd pic down if it's too graphic for the forum.

Again, sincere thanks to all my fellow writers!


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Did you print your own copies and how do you intend to market this project (sans ebook, just asking for the print copies)?
Did you print your own copies and how do you intend to market this project (sans ebook, just asking for the print copies)?

I used Createspace for the printed ones. I wanted a memorable cover image and they gave it to me. This allowed me to get the book on the market quickly.

I heard about the Ebook company through an agent. They are still in the start-up process, which could take awhile. I'm already selling the printed copies so it's nice to feel like I'm making progress.
can you tell me the story of your super hero novel????what is the story of it?? i wanna know about it o please tell me about it...

Humanity's future has been severed from its past. What is left of this hemorrhaging world is the fragile city of Lexxonito. Already overrun by gangs and living dead creatures known as bone mutants, the city faces a new threat from within that may be its death knell. Lexxonito's sole remaining hope is a physically gifted but severely introverted grappler named Randy Rookar.

When Randy's wrestling coach, Terrence Straub, is murdered, Randy's life unravels. His competitive desire draws him into an underground fighting world run by turncoat cops and gang members. When this underworld erupts into all-out war, Randy is caught in the crossfire. He narrowly escapes death, but undergoes a disfiguring metamorphosis that leaves his sanity tottering.

Now possessing immense power, Randy forms a tenuous partnership with the city's heroic police chief to keep Lexxonito from complete annihilation. Under the new name "Officer Peacechild", the skull-faced lawgiver embarks on a trail of merciless, gory vengeance. Randy realizes that he has the capacity to unlock the most shocking secrets of humanity's past, and Lexxonito soon realizes that justice is more terrifying than evil.

And the wifey had a mug made with one of my early concept pics:
Ebook is a good way to go, it's what made novels like The Stolen Moon of Londor a success when otherwise it might have been ignored. People are willing to pay a few dollars for a digital copy of a book they might not normally buy a physical copy of.
Agreed. For an author just starting out in the "Ebook Era", it's definitely advantageous to self publish, if anything to "market test" your novel based on public opinion. I did the same with my debut fantasy novel and its gotten a very good reception so far, more than I ever expected. But remember, whether self or traditionally published, the market is very cutthroat. And it should be the goal of EVERY author to be traditionally published, so as to keep physical books from going out of style.

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