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Nov 23, 2005
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My Visions for the Marvel Movie Universe

On I posted a huge blog with a giant overview of my many ideas I have had over the years since the Avengers came out as to what to do with the Marvel movie universe. I wanted to post all my ideas on this site as well. To get them out there. Here they are.
(My blog on has much more detail including a visual example of my staggered and rotating roster idea and Ant Man's and Captain Marvel's and Spider-Woman's costume ideas.)

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This whole blog is a compilation of my various Marvel movie universe ideas and designs I have come up with over the many years since the Avengers film was finally put out and made one huge movie universe. I hope you like them.

I want Ant Man to introduce Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, and have Bill Foster and Scott Lang working in his lab for him. Then I want Hank and Janet, who would be Ant Man and Wasp, to join the Avengers and Hank becomes Giant Man. Then in a solo/spin off type movie, Scott Lang becomes Ant Man. Later down the line, when Hank becomes Yellow Jacket, Bill Foster becomes the new Giant Man. I think Bill Foster and Scott Lang rounding out the cast as Pym's co-workers and friends is a must. I also like the idea of seeing Ant Man's friends, Janet, Bill, and Scott, being sort of his team and tech support for him being Ant Man, not just his friends who don't know. But also this would allow them to transition into taking over for him easier and Janet becomes Wasp, Scott becomes Ant Man, and Bill becomes Giant Man, showing that all their lives are effected by Hank Pym's being Ant Man/Giant Man/ Yellow Jacket. Sort of like how no one can not be effected, or untouched, by their friends being superheroes. In the other thread someone suggeested no Ant Man sequel. But How about Ant Man 1 being hank Pym (who joins the Avengers as Giant Man/Ant Man) while the sequel (Ant Man 2) could be Scott Lang. It would sort of be a transition film. hank leaves being Ant Man to join the Avengers while Scott takes up the mantel to save his daughter. Bill Foster could be in both Avengers with Hank and co star in Ant Man with Scott Lang. So, to over explain:
Ant Man 1: Hank Pym and Janet become the Ant Man and the Wasp, agents of SHIELD.
Avengers (whatever): Hank and Janet join the Avengers. Janet is the Wasp while Hank introduces his new inventions and powers as Giant Man. Because he felt like he had to step things up for the Avneger big leagues. Bill Foster and Scott Lang make cameos.
Ant Man 2: Hank and Janet leave to join the Avengers. While joining the Avengers Hank becomes Giant Man and leaves being Ant Man behind. Scott Lang's daughter is kidnapped and he and Bill Foster try to get her back. Lang uses Pym's Ant Man suit and becomes the new Ant Man with Bill Foster co-starring. Later down the line Foster can take over for Pym as Giant Man, probably after the actor playing Pym leaves the cast of Avengers and Ant Man.

The whole time Hank, since the 1st film, has been working on an AI he started years ago with Tony Stark (leading to Jarvis) and in an Avengers film he finally finishes it (Ultron). I want Pym to have some serious mental illness like in the comics. He could have schizophrenia or something. During a breakdown he uses his own brain patterns to finish Ultron. Ultron becomes the living embodiment of all of Pym's dark thoughts, hatreds to his team and wife, and everything Pym has tried to hide or ignore. Then Ultron creates the Vision, a sort of grandfather failing his son, but can save the grandson type thing. Vision joins Pym and the Avengers in defeating Ultron. The way I see it is that Pym should be this super genius who isn't as big and powerful in the science world as Stark because he gets in his own way. But I think maybe he and Stark together built Jarvis. And together they worked on SHIELD tech. And Tony quite the weapons game but Pym didn't. He has been working with SHIELD this whole time. And all these many years since Jarvis Pym has been trying to perfect AI in his spare time. He creates his Pym Particles, his helmet that talks to ants, and Wasp's powers, all the while still working on the AI project. He ends up joining the Avengers and is still working on it (they don't have to show him working on it all the time, just reveal he has) and then in an Avengers movie he finally does it. Using his own brain patters, and in a fevered angry breakdown Pym finished Ultron. But Ultron's tech is based on the Jarvis tech Pym and Stark built together. That way Pym is still Ultron's father, Ultron is still the son Pym failed, but we also get Stark's involvement. And maybe they can slip in something about the Cosmic Cube/Arc reactor connection. How Stark's arc reactor/Repulsar Rays are based off of the cosmic cube Stark's father found in Cap 1, and which came from Thor 1. Show a subtle connection. Still, the tech was invented by Stark and Pym, but Pym perfected it, and used his own brain patterns as a blueprint for Ultron's mind. Which gives Ultron a stronger connection to Pym. And makes Ultron Pym's fault. I would love, but am not expecting it, to have Wonder Man join the team and be used for the brain patterns on the Vision, making them like brothers. So then you have Hank and Janet, their "son" Ultron, Ultron's "son" Vision, and Vision's "brother" Wonder Man.

Wasp's Stingers: since they will be in the same universe as Black Widow and the other Avengers, they could make Wasp's "Stingers." It could be revealed that Black Widow's "Stingers" were invented by SHIELD scientist Hank Pym, and so Janet uses them as weapons for being Wasp. It would make the worlds connected and smaller in that they don't have two different inventions that don't exist.
Revolving and Rotating Staggered Casting: I would also like to see them not just recast Captain America and Thor and Iron Man, even though they plan to do that with Iron Man for his own movie, I would like to see other Avengers come in when the original actor's contracts are up. So in Avengers 2 (for example) bring in Pym and Janet. Then after Avengers 3 Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and the rest, leave because their contracts are up and they don't want to play those characters anymore. So new Avengers are brought in, She-Hulk becomes an Avenger. Falcon becomes an Avenger, Wonder Man becomes an Avenger, Vision becomes an Avenger, Carol as Captain Marvel becomes an Avenger.
Then when the actors who play Hank and Janet leave fill their empty slots with two new actors playing two new Avengers. Like maybe Hercules.
And again, once those actor's contracts are up and they leave fill the empty spots with more Avengers. Bring in Namor, Black Panther, and so on.
Continue to stagger and rotate the cast (if the actor wants to leave because their contract is up). Like Law and Order, a cop would leave, be replaced but you still had the two lawyers and the chief and the other cop, but then later the DA would leave and maybe a lawyer would leave, but you still had the rest of the cast. People would leave and new people would come in, but not all at once.
Eventually the film could have Bucky as Captain America, once Evans leaves even, and Thunderstrike as the new Thor (maybe or not), War Machine in place of Iron Man, She-Hulk instead of Hulk, Swordsman in place of Hawkeye, the blond Black Widow in place of Natasha, etc.

She-Hulk: I say when Mark Ruffolo's (spelling?) contract is up and he no longer wants to play Hulk, why not just have his cousin come in to join the Avengers? Go back and reveal her origin in a flashback (that she was hit by a car and had to get a transfusion from Bruce) and there you go. No need to recast him and no need to make a whole movie about her origin. I thought the origin out of the way would leave more time to focus on her character and her being an important part of the Avengers. Sometimes, because of origins, the character can take forever to even get to the big screen. A character like She-Hulk, being a spin off of the Hulk, may not get her own film any time soon. But I think people are familiar enough with the Hulk that the movies can start doing things like introduce She-Hulk, or bring in the idea of the Gray Hulk or the Smart Hulk. Just trying to speed up the process. And I agree. Best way to go is the Dr. Manhattan way.
I would love if the Fantastic Four became part of the Marve movie Universe. So that we could have a scene where Reed, Tony, Hank, and Banner, are all talking about science.
I'd like the MMU to at least be able to have mutants in their movies, like Scarlet Witch and Beast, so they can become Avengers.
And I would like She-Hulk and Namor and Carol Danvers and other Avengers to be brought into the films too, it would be fun.
Here is a quick visual to show how the rotation, staggering, of the casting can go. Usually they are contracted for 3 films, or 3 solo films and 3 Avenger films (and/or some cameos).
I need to clarify. That the characters brought in, to fill the roster, would most likely have had their own solo films. For example Carol Danvers in the Captain Marvel film, and then she becomes an Avenger. So the audience already knows her like they knew Captain America before he was an Avenger. Same with Edgar Writes Ant Man, he will become an Avenger too but by then people will know of him from his own film. So that when the other cast, like Captain America, leave and are replaced by other Avengers like Captain Marvel or Ant Man the audience will know the people replacing them and it wont be random strangers. So the films will not only have a staggered cast, somewhat, but also have the solo films to help establish these characters and familiarize them with the public.
So while Captain America and the rest are in Avengers 2, we get a solo Ant Man movie, and Falcon in Captain America 2. And maybe while we are getting Avengers 3 (with Ant Man and Falcon now in it) we are getting a solo Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel film. And like with the others there are hints and easter eggs to establish they are all in the same universe, and when they are finally brought into the Avengers the fans are excited.
Now, these aren't the exact rosters I would use (not exactly) but rather random characters I picked. I do think that up till Avengers 3 the original cast will stick around because of contracts. And that after that most likely they will leave. I do think that around Avengers 2 or 3 Ant Man as the Wasp should join and stick around a movie or two after the original cast left. But after that I sort of picked random characters. I think that the Vision should show up as soon as possible, in the Ultron story, before the actors playing Pym and Janet leave when their contracts are up. I do think Falcon will join the Avengers as well, maybe even in Avengers 2 since he will be in Captain America 2 along with the Winter Soldier and Sharon Carter. The other characters are names I picked at random. sort of. to elaborate and demonstrate my idea of the rotating and staggered roster.
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Part 2
And it would go on and on. No shortage of Avengers they could use, no shortage of villains they could go up against, and no shortage of stories. They could keep the Avengers films going and going without having to recast anyone.
The pictures wont load for whatever the reason, but here it would show that the others have left leaving only Black Panther and Scott Lang, and then more Avengers would be brought in toe fill the roster.
Some characters, like Hulk and Vision, would be easier to keep around. Banner has already been recast so many times that audiences would be OK with it, and the Vision would be like the Hulk, mostly CG and easy to keep around when the actor leaves. Just replace the voice actor or whatever.

I would also, maybe, bring in Rick Jones as a SHIELD agent. Perhaps once Hill and Fury leave, bring in Jones as their SHIELD connection. I would love a scene where Jones is in the Stark Tower (converted to the Avengers tower), in their kitchen eating from their fridge and Jarvis, the AI butler, is bickering with him for eating all their food. I would love the character to be finally brought into the Hulk movie world, and I would love to watch a SHIELD agent arguing with a computer voice.

Once the recasting is established, like when Tony stark is recast after Iron Man 3 and Avengers 3 or like how Bruce Banner has been recast so many times the audience doesn't mind, then they could bring back the characters with new actors. Maybe around Avengers 7 you can bring Tony Stark, or Steve Rogers, back being played by a different actor.
Briefly Captain Marvel:
I have lots of designs in the blog, drawings. But I cannot post them all here.
My movie costume ideas
SHIELD, because of Thor, Loki, and the Hulk, and the alien invasion from Avengers, creates SWORD. SHIELD's agency that monitors for aliens and prepares for defense against them. Director of SWORD if Agent Brand.

Kree Soldiers
The movie would start with
Carol Danvers already Captain Marvel, already in the middle of a large scale battle with a giant Kree Sentry. How did she get to this point? Battling a giant automaton to save the city? The movie goes all the way back to the beginning of the story, all through her side of the story. Carol is an America pilot, maybe even a SHIELD agent. Maybe even a SHIELD agent on a SWORD mission to track alien life (what with the appearance of Thor and Loki and the Chitauri on Earth suddenly).
She somehow, as part of her mission/investigation, stumbles Kree soldiers (small army) chasing down a "traitor" Kree soldier named Captain Mar-Vell. She helps him and the two become a team against the Kree soldiers, led by Yon-Rogg. They battle the Kree and run
from them. Throught he coarse of the movie Carol learns who the Kree are, and why they are after Mar-Vell.
He is marked as a traitor because he fathered a child , Teddy, with the Skrull princess Anelle. Its briefly mentioned that the Skrulls are a planet of rival aliens, bitter enemies of the Kree. Carol proves she is no average human as she not only holds her own against some Kree soldiers, but also saves Mar-Vell at least once. The two of them together defeat the Kree soldiers but not before they unleash the Kree Sentry on Carol and Mar-Vell. Mar-Vell gets in some good hits but gets killed, his last act is to give Carol his powers/technology. She puts on his armor, like he told her to, and it conforms to her body and alters her genetically. She then goes back into battle to stop the Sentry. And this is where the movie started. Against impossible odds Carol is able to defeat the Sentry robot, perhaps its the combination of her human DNA and the Kree DNA the suit genetically added to her's. Sadly though Mar-Vell has died, perhaps she can discover that he had sent his DNA and a copy of his mind into the Kree technology (like into the Nega bands) or something... I don't know.
Captain Marvel movie credits scene: Carol returns to report everything to SHIELD and is approached by Fury or one of the Avengers to ask her to join their team.
Character Designs:
Carol Danvers wearing Mar-Vell's Kree armor
Carol Danvers in theMar-Vell's Kree armor designs for Captain Marvel's (Carol and Mar-Vell) armor for the movie. In the movies Earth bound characters like Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury, wear unifoms that look like thick fabric and have pouches and zippers and straps. But because Thor and Loki and all of Asgard are not of Earth they made their clothing and armor look different. They didn't make Thor look like he was wearing a costume like he does in the comics. So, my idea is that like Thor Captain Mar-Vell is from another world that is not like ours. He is an alien soldier who wears alien looking armor. When he dies he gives his alien Kree armor and alien Kree technology to Carol Danvers. The armor converts to her body. The armor isn't leather, its a reddish metal like the Warriors Three or Loki's armor that was colored and not just silver. Maybe I should have made it more red. There are alien designs and writing on it that I drew here as squiggles because I don't know how to write in Kree. I don't think they will make Mar-Vell's costume in the movie look like a costume, I thin it will look like armor and be more like the Ultimate version. My thinking is that if she is an extension of Mar-Vell, she might need to look like it. And instead of a uniform like Black Widow's (which someone mentioned she might look similar too and you want them all to look unique I think) I thought her wearing the armor might be cool.
Character Designs:
Captain Mar-Vell, in his Kree Armor.
And ideas how Mar-Vell (and other Kree might glow while armor is activated.
Kree Soldiers, to show what the armor might look like in mass.
The Soldiers ranks would be shown by different colors (like the Warriors Three in Thor) in their armor and by different symbols on their chest.
So, all Kree Captains wear reddish armor and have star symbols on their chest. Other symbols could include Saturn symbols, sun symbols, star burst symbols, and Z lightning bolt symbols.
And this last image here is to show what all my idea added up might look like, to give a better idea of the movie I was seeing in my head and where the designs were coming from.
In Ant Man it is mentioned, shown, something, that Lang has a daughter named Cassie. In a later film she is kidnapped by criminals from Lang's past criminal life, and he has to become Ant Man to save her (with the aid of Bill Foster).
Isaiah Bradley was one of the soldiers, along with Bucky, that Zola experimented on with his own version of the Super Soldier Serum. He passed his genetically super powered genes on to his son who passed them on to his grandson Eli.
Kang the Conqueror is one of the villains used in an Avengers sequel, anyone from Avengers 2 to Avengers 12).
In the Young Avengers movie Iron Lad brings to team together to fight the return of Kang, he brings in Teddy/Hulkling (son of Captain Mar-Vell and the Skrull princess), Cassie Lang/Stature, Eli Bradley/Patriot, and Hawkeye, Wiccan, Speed, and Vision 2.0, and the rest.
Poorly explained reason for Young Avengers: The introduction of the Young Avengers not only starts the connecting all the films together all over, and brings back the excitement from those films, but it brings in younger viewers and sets up Marvel heroes for years to come. Eventually, years from now, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, and the rest, will have stopped playing the characters and just like James Bond (if they replace the actors with other actors like they plan to do with Tony Stark) there might come a time when the public isn't too interested or is loosing interest. Maybe bringing in new characters like the Young Avengers could help. I am not saying though that that will happen, and I hope not. But I still think that bringing in the next generation of heroes could help the Marvel movie universe too. And also studios like casting young, they originally wanted a 20 something or younger Tony Stark. Maybe if they had a cast of young 20 somethings for the Young Avengers they would fill that need they see in their viewers. And I just thought of this, but setting up that the Marvel Movie Universe has young heroes like the Young Avengers sets up that there is a larger world of heroes out there. That its just just a large world with the original Avengers, or other adult Avengers. But that there are older heroes and younger heroes out there, shows there is a variety of heroes in their world. Not saying that it should be like Marvel's Mutants during the 90s where there were thousands, but I just think that showing there are younger generations of heroes at the same time as the current Avengers helps add something. I don't know if I am clarifying what I mean. If I am not I can try again.
Part 3:
Quickly, Spider-Woman: Jessica Drew is a triple agent, she works for Hydra as a spy in SHIELD and is spying on Hydra for SHIELD while acting as a Hydra Spy in SHIELD. She was genetically altered and turned into a super powered being like Captain America or Hulk, but works as a highly trained assassin/spy like Hawkeye or Black Widow. The movie could be titled something like Code Named: the Spider, A.K.A. Arachnia. I Redesigned Spider-Woman because I thought her movie could be a real spy, Espionage, political, terrorist thriller, Marvel movie. It could be all about her being a SHIELD agent who is actually a Spy for Hydra, but she is actually spying on Hydra for SHIELD. And it be this big spy drama, all about who can she trust and who can trust her. And It would be itdarker and grittier than Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, or Spider-Man. More in the style of the Bourne movies, or Patriot Games, Salt, Mission Impossible 1, movies like those. Maybe cameos by Maria Hill, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, or Agent Coulsen. And to cut the confusion about her being related or connected to Spider-Man, her name is changed to a code name, the Spider or Arachnia. The concept is that in a world with Superheroes and Super Villains, of coarse the government would use, or create in her case, a super powered covert agent to send at the bad guys. So she lives in the same world as Thor and Captain America and Iron Man, but dwells in a part so dark they usually don't get there. She is also so undercover that you can't be sure where her alliances are. There could also be a scene, to get the Spider-Man confusion out of the way, where someone asks her Are you related to Spi... and she interrupts "NO!" (Or not.) I redesigned her costume to look more like a spy outfit. The Black stripes were changed to straps. I was considering even making the black stripes outlining her yellow design to be straps too. All straps all the time. But wasn't sure it would look good. Plus Hawkeye has this purple arrow design for no reason on his costume. The red on her suit I made darker. The idea is that its more like a dark uniform that is sort of red. I just haven't finished the coloring yet. The wings currently look like a cape because they aren't extended in flight. But they are meant to be wings and not a cape. Maybe the straps are like a harness for her wings. Her mask and Spider-Man eyes were changed into goggles. Her left arm might be a little long. I drew this design based on a Marvel cover featuring the new Phantom X, who is a woman, and she was holding a large gun in her left hand. (I wanted to get my idea on paper fast.) I changed it and it turned out too long. So a very quick character history movie plot concept idea thing: Jessica Drew (if that is her real name) was an agent for M-13 in England's spy game. She was recruited by SHIELD and went under cover in Hydra. Hydra turned her into a super powered assassin and sent her into SHIELD as their spy. Something like that. Her code names are the Spider and Arachnia.
Marvel movies should also open a new branch, the spy/espionage thriller movies. Like Bourne movies, or Mission Impossible movies, or Patriot Games, Salt, etc. The spy movies are gritty and darker than the usual Marvel films, but also include things like LMDs, super powers, psychic spies, etc. These films include characters like Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Falcon, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Abigail Brand, Sharon Carter, Captain America, Spider-Woman, Agent Clay Quartermain, Jimmy Woo, Jasper Sitwell, Gabriel Jones, etc. Maybe Henry Peter Gyrich? Thunderbolt Ross?
Young Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD, a film that takes place during 1960/1970 and stars a young actor (20 something) playing a young Nick Fury. He was a soldier during the Vietnam War and comes home unhappy. He is found by SHIELD agent, and old veteran Dum Dum Dugan, and brought into SHIELD as a rookie. He also meets the Contessa there too. Fury is trained by Dugan and becomes his partner/friend. Fury excels and becomes SHIELD's top agent. But he looses his eye and his hair starts to gray on the sides.
The film fills in the gaps of what happened between Captain America 1 and Iron Man 1. Where did Hydra go after Red Skull vanished? What happened to the soldiers in Cap's team? (Answer is they became SHIELD.) Other stuff like that.
I'll fix this up and add more later.
Comments I made on that blog:
The idea is that the roster isn't changed so drastically. But rather that while some actor's contracts are up, others are not and they stay in the movie to keep the audience at ease. So while Captain America and Thor are leaving, and maybe Iron Man is recast (because there are plans to), Hank Pym and Wasp are staying behind. That way when new faces like Carol Danvers or Falcon are brought in the audiance still has Hank Pym and Wasp there from Avengers 2 or 3. Plus Carol and Falcon will have been introduced in previous solo films like Captain America 2 and a Captain Marvel film.

I agree with both you and Red Queen that this set up wouldn't be ideal. But I was thinking, Chris Evans, Rovert Downey Jr, and the rest, are signed for 3 solo films, and 3 Avengers films, and maybe 3 cameos. And usually the actors leave right away, except Hugh Jackman, because they want to play different characters. So I thought the most we would get is that they would stick around till Avengers 3. But I thought that we could have Ant Man and Wasp by maybe Avengers 2 or 3, and they would stick around till after the others leave. Maybe they could also bring in another character too, like Falcon or Bucky, so that they stagger the roster a bit more.My set up isn't the exact way I want it to go, just an example to help illustrate my idea. That while the rest of the cast leaves when their contracts are up we still get other characters who were introduced while the original cast was there who will stay till the new cast is known by the audience. If I could I would want maybe two others to stick around, so that In Avengers 2 we get Ant Man and Wasp, Avengers 3 maybe we get Falcon and Bucky, and in Avengers 4 while the rest leave we would still have Ant Man and Wasp and Falcon and Bucky. And if it could we could keep maybe Hulk or Thor to keep the roster rotation spread out a little more. But I don't think they will, and I would prefer something like this to them just recasting Captain America/Steve Rogers, or Thor. Maybe we could get Bucky as the next Captain America, or later on maybe Thunder Strike, or maybe War Machine. It would be nice to stagger the casting more, because I think it would be just as big a failure if Avengers 4 just had different actors playing Thor, Steve Rogers, and Tony Stark. But I don't want them to just end the Avengers at Avengers 3, like it can't go on. It can and I think it should.

Just for fun, Bucky as the new Cap, Eric as the new Thor, War Machine, She-Hulk, Yelena Belova as the new Black Widow, and Swordsman instead of Hawkeye.
Also, the characters brought in, to fill the roster, would most likely have had their own solo films. For example Carol Danvers in the Captain Marvel film, and then she becomes an Avenger. So the audience already knows her like they knew Captain America before he was an Avenger. Same with Edgar Writes Ant Man, he will become an Avenger too but by then people will know of him from his own film. So that when the other cast, like Captain America, leave and are replaced by other Avengers like Captain Marvel or Ant Man the audience will know the people replacing them and it wont be random strangers. So the films will not only have a staggered cast, somewhat, but also have the solo films to help establish these characters and familiarize them with the public.
Ideally it would be great if you could keep at least 3 of the cast, like Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow, and bring in 3 new like Ant Man, Wasp, and Falcon, so that the staggering of the recasting and rotating is more spread out. So that the next time that is done there are more known characters, So when Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow leave you still have Ant Man and Wasp and Falcon, and you can bring in three new like Bucky, She-Hulk, and Captain Marvel/Carol.

Most of the names I threw out there were random. I am sure that when they recast them it would be due to the story as to who they cast in the next Avengers. (the Avengers with Thunderstrike and Swordsman were just for fun, casting the equivalent or the doppelganger.) For example maybe they would bring in Wonder Man because they are doing the story about Grim Reaper and Baron Zemo creating their own super soldier or something. Maybe they bring in Swordsman and make him a cool SHIELD agent like Hawkeye (trained Hawkeye perhaps). But like I mentioned, most of the characters who would be brought in later, to fill the void would be characters who had already shown in previous films. Like Ant Man and Wasp in their film, Falcon in Captain America, maybe Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel sol film, maybe Black Panther in his own solo film. So that when they show up the audience will know who they are and maybe be less upset that they are "replacing" Captain America. Plus, also, this way they can keep going. And bring in characters like Kang, Ultron, Baron Zemo, and other Avenger bad guys and stories they may not do other wise. And just like how they made a huge Marvel movie universe, something not done before, they could keep that world growing and evolving and changing. Making it more like the actual Marvel comic universe brought into the movies.Some characters, like Hulk and Vision, would be easier to keep around. Banner has already been recast so many times that audiences would be OK with it, and the Vision would be like the Hulk, mostly CG and easy to keep around when the actor leaves. Just replace the voice actor or whatever.
Recasting Bruce Banner
Once the recasting is established, like when Tony stark is recast after Iron Man 3 and Avengers 3 or like how Bruce Banner has been recast so many times the audience doesn't mind, then they could bring back the characters with new actors. Maybe around Avengers 7 you can bring Tony Stark, or Steve Rogers, back being played by a different actor

How to use Billy and Tommy without having to use Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver?
Well, I would have to think about it and maybe come up with a more detailed idea later, but off the top of my head I would say that Changing their backstory too much would be bad. Fans wouldn't like it and I think so far not changing too much is one reason people like the Marvel movies. But like you said Mutants are owned by a different movie studio, and I think Quicksilver is too. But I don't think Scarlet Witch is, yet. So maybe bring her in as who she is, the daughter of a super powered terrorist and she has reality altering powers. Maybe never mention she is a mutant, but then that might lead to problems too. Hmm, this is hard because I don't want to have to change their back story really. But I do like your Asgardian idea. Maybe Make it so that Billy and Tommy are the twin sons of the Vision, who through magic suddenly had two sons. And like you said it was all a trick by Loki, and Enchantress to perhaps. Sort of get Scarlet Witch out of the story I guess because too much of her story is off limits. Maybe their mother could be hinted at, Vision saying Billy is so much like his mother, and Tommy is so much like his uncle. But never going into much detail, just hints if at all. Almost like that Astro city story where a superhero/villain battle alters reality and suddenly a man's love vanishes from existence and he can remember her but she never happened. So here, maybe the Scarlet Witch happened but she isn't there and maybe never happened. Billy and Tommy are like shadows or mirrors of two people who never existed. But Maybe she shouldn't be mentioned at all. Make it a Vision/Billy/Tommy centered story.
So yeah, Billy and Tommy are the twin sons of the Android Vision, who suddenly had two sons through a magic trick by Loki. And like Thor says, magic is just their version of science. So they wont suddenly vanish, its like Loki created two live humans with powers. And like in the comics, with the two sons being reflections of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, they can be reflections of both Vision and Loki. With Tommy being sort of like Loki and Billy being sort of like the Vision (in terms of personality).
Or Better yet, just replace Scarlet Witch with Enchantress. She is an enemy the Avengers have fought in a previous film at this point (I hope) and she and the Vision fall in love. Then Loki, causing trouble and using the Enchantress's power and his own, creates the children of Vision and the Enchantress. Two sons, one like the Enchantress and the Vision, and the other similar to Loki ('s personality).
What do you think?
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