Age of Extinction Nemesis Prime? **SPOILERS FROM FIRST FILM**


Aug 16, 2006
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Yeah, I know, the new cartoons suck. The concepts for this character (in the cartoons) suck. The concept, however, if tampered with, could be something worth looking into.

Scourge (from RiD), Nemesis Prime, and Evil Optimus are all the same... character. Mix them together, though, and you've got yourself a good idea. I found it off of another forum (thanks to whoever this belongs to).

"A Decepticon named Scourge (who hears Optimus' message) lands on Earth (Optimus believes he is an Autobot), and, while Optimus is trying to help this new 'Autobot', it plays along, and poses as an Autobot. As time goes by, he learns of Optimus' ways, and no one knows he is a Decepticon. When Starscream returns from his search, he sends a signal to Scourge. Starscream had discovered a sleeping Unicron, and had discovered a way to revive Megatron using the power of Unicron. Meanwhile, Scourge assaults Optimus, attempting to destroy him. It then begins to scan the area, and ends up picking up Prime and a truck. Scourge, an evil, and vicious Decepticon by heart, ends up taking Optimus' robot form, and the truck as his... truck... form, creating a dark doppelganger with Optimus' appearance (and a couple of Prime's personality traits and beliefs that've been twisted by the Decepticon's nature). Scourge, learning of his new identity, brands himself Onyx Prime/Nemesis Prime, Optimus' twin, polar opposite, and the Decepticon who will wipe out the Autobots.

With the 'leader' quality he picked up from Optimus, Nemesis/Onyx wishes to become the leader of the Decepticons. When Starscream and Nemesis/Onyx meet, Nemesis/Onyx questions Starscreams ability to be 'second-in-command', and attacks. Starscream then tells him about the destruction of the Decepticons, and that there is no point to fight over status when there is no army to lead. Starscream tells Nemesis/Onyx about his effort to reprogram many of the Autobots' stasis chambers, and a number of Autobots begin to fall from the sky (at different points in the film), each one becoming a Decepticon upon reaching Earth. Scourge was the first of these Decepticons to land on Earth. Megatron, who was killed with the Allspark, still has the Allspark in him, and if it reaches Unicron, its power will be enough to resurrect him, and give him much more strength than anyone ever imagined possible. The Decepticons and Autobots go to war, Optimus leading the Autobots, Nemesis/Onyx leading the Decepticons.

Starscream, on the other hand, is taking Megatron's body to Unicron. The battles and struggles continue on (I really have no idea what the rest of the film is going to be about), until everyone but Nemesis/Onyx and Optimus stand. They go head-to-head, until Nemesis/Onyx is severely damaged. The Decepticons and Nemesis/Onyx retreat, and the Autobots believe they are victorious, but Optimus knows the war has not ended, and it will never end until there is peace.

At the end of the film, we see Starscream find Unicron. As it awakens, it pulls Starscream and Megatron in. Starscream is given more energy, and he acknowledges it. Megatron, however, is transformed completely, due to Unicron's use of the Allspark to surge energy through Megatron. This energy also changes Megatron's circuitry, and he becomes Galvatron, servant of Unicron. As Starscream and Galvatron travel back to the Earth, Galvatron kills Starscream easily (to test his strength), and heads toward the Earth at an enormous speed. His mission, under Unicron's influence, is to destroy the Earth.

And we then wait for the third film, when the Decepticons and Autobots must cooperate to stop Galvatron and Unicron. The Autobots will fight to protect the Earth, while the Decepticons will fight for their own survival."


Oh, and Nemesis would not look like Optimus' twin. He retains special attributes he had before the scan, and the truck would also change the way he appears. However, he would look similar to Optimus. Here's a recolored photo just so you know what Nemesis' color scheme would be like.

I think that maybe they should look at Galvatron as taking over in the place of Megatron. They could do more with the dynamic between Galvatron and Starscream, but act like it's Megatron coming back from the dead, only in a new body.
I'd like to pitch this idea to them, but I'd really need a lot of help and support. I'd like to know some ways to refine the idea, and then get some help bringing the idea to the attention of Dreamworks/Paramount/Michael Bay/Steven Spielberg.
Not bad, but I would really hold off on that. Maybe introduce the villain into #2 and let everyone think he is an autobot and not let it develop until 3 or 4.
sounds like someone really likes spider-man 3 ;]

While it would be cool, it would be almost the same story.
sounds like someone really likes spider-man 3 ;]

Nah, but I've always thought the Scourge character had some great potential.

Now, if a petition begins, and we get enough people interested in this idea, it could become a great possibility. That's why I'd like some feedback to sharp-tune it.
I thought it sounded like a neff idea.. until i read the bit about spidey 3

and yeah... way too similar

oh and..... naff

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