Fantasy Netflix's One Piece Live-Action TV Show

Oh cool! Just in time for my birthday. Wonder if they’ve cast chopper yet?
I think live action Brook should be played by...LV.jpeg

Tall, corny jokes, plays guitar, old, he's kind of perfect.
I kind of want to see Daveed Diggs take the role. Tall, lanky, can sing and be funny.
Even though I haven't watched Netflix Piece yet, casting for Mr. 3 Miss Valentine are spot on, and it's hard to say no to David Dastmalchian. Curious about who they'll get for Mr. 2.

That said, for a variety of reasons, Whiskey Peak has a ton of fun moments.

No way he wasn't playing coy and that was just wishful thinking- I have to believe he'd already been cast at that point and keeping tight-lipped!
Considering they got David Dastmalchian for Mr. 3, it kind of opens the door for them to get some slightly other big names for some other characters. Really curious who they got for Smoker, Crocodile, Chopper, Ace and Robin.
Oh cool the guy playing Smoker looks like a massive hunk. Wonder if he’ll dye his hair?

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