New Dan Brown Robert Langdon Novel coming May 14, 2013.


Dec 29, 2006
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Oh I'm excited, these books are fun
I'll read it. I've enjoyed his past novels. I just hope he breaks from his formula of... [BLACKOUT]making the person who helps the hero the most turn out to be the villain behind the whole thing.[/BLACKOUT]
hotwire i'm with you. i enjoy the clues and history he puts into his works, be it factual or not. and i've read all the others so i'd like to read this one as well
Think that I will be giving this one a look. Have read several of his other works and have always been entertained by them.
I read Dante's Inferno 4 times a year. Its nice and heart touching. :hrt:
I'd read it. I love Dante and the other three Langdon novels, so seems like a good fit. However, the ending of Lost Symbol was AWFUL and a total cop-out. I mean, the secret is
that there is no secret
? What a waste. No wonder a movie version never came into fruition...audiences would be piiiiiiissed, lol. Still, I'll give this new book a shot.
So was the book any different from the others? What was the twist this time?
the twist? the bad guy won this time

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