New Magneto clip!


Oct 31, 2004
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Ted posted this in the Talk Show thread but I think it deserves it's own thread.

Sir Ian McKellen was on KTLA promoting the Da Vinci Code and X3. A new clip was shown of Magneto's speech in the woods, with Wolverine sneaking around in the crowd.

If you click the link below and scroll down a bit, click on Sir Ian McKellan from "X Men" and "The Da Vinci Code" which is under Celebrity Interviews. :)
so the wolverine is in the crowd....hmmmm. Now we know why he had that hooded jacket on.
Is there a way to save/download that video like you can do with youtube videos?
anyone have a link to it on youtube that other site wont work for me
OMG, downloading it now.
So thats all Jean is to him, a weapon? Maybe she will turn on him after all...
eXcellent clip. anyone notice wolverine spying through the magnetos speech? keep them clips coming. peace. :up:
What a cool clip, and Logan walking though the crowd was cool and when he looked at Phoenix when he said like fury and stuff was cool so more Phoenix footage.

But Ian plays an excellent villain his such a great actor.
It's an awesome clip. I love when Magneto says 'They have their weapons, we have ours.' and he glances across to Jean. :D

Ian is always so positive. He says this is the best of them all. I remember when he said that about X2 and it got me more excited. :):up:
hopefully i dont miss anymore clips i gotta go take my life agent test in a couple of hrs. wish me luck x-fans. :)

That was awesome. A 34-sec clip! :eek:
That interviewer was quite annoying. It's surprising that fans are excited for the film? Uhhh. no. lol. Clip was awesome though. And I'll trust Ian's judgement if he thinks this is the best. :p
DarknessOfDeath said:
I wanna SEE IT! :(
awww....poor babyface. :(

the clip was greatness, i'm sorry you can't watch it.
*watches again* Ian's voice is just so powerful. I love it!

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