NEW Ray Stevenson Interview from Wizard #196


Dec 10, 2007
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Wizard: Is this a different Frank Castle than we saw in the first film?

Stevenson: He's not there to protect the innocent, he's there to punish the corrupt. He exists in the dark so others can live in the light. I think he's an epic, doomed character. He knows he is doomed. People will hopefully be thankful they don't have to go [to that dark place] themselves, but they can't wait to see how he deals with the next guy [laughs].

Wizard: How are you enjoying the guns?

Stevenson: The guns are like an extension of [the Punisher]. They're not there to pose with or be flashed around. If he pulls one out, it's gonne be fired. We did an awful lot of hand-to-hand combat training as well, even though his martial arts training would have been so long ago that he's more adept to street fighting. He's got an arsenal of moves, but it's not a kicking movie or a martial arts movie at all. He is the weapon.

Wizard: The sequel had a bumpy road to production; were you nervous signing up for a film that's changed hands so many times?

Stevenson: I took the movie because [director] Lexi [Alexander] called me up in England and we had a chat, and I just wanted to work with her. I was aware there was another "Punisher" movie, but I hadn't seen the Thomas Jane one before until I was way into training and I just saw it out of curiosity.

Wizard: Since you're not using your native accent in the film, can I hear a little bit of your Frank Castle?

Stevenson: Uhh... can you pay me? [Laughs]

Wizard: Give us this one on credit, and I'll hit you back after the flick opens.

Stevenson: [Laughs] Okay, then. Let me see [in deep, middle American growl] "I see you anywhere near hell and I'll kick your ass out." That's taken from Garth Ennis. We're gonna get a lot of that in there. There's a lot of growl. We are doing a generic American accent. He's not from Brooklyn. He's an iconic American who's traveled to Vietnam, he's military -- He's hopefully what's been breathing and brooding in people's minds
Damn, I would pay for an audio clip of that!
sounds awesome Stevensons gonna a rock. I especially liked that he is not their to protect the innocent but punish the corrupt bit.
sounds awesome Stevensons gonna a rock. I especially liked that he is not their to protect the innocent but punish the corrupt bit.
Reading that quote from Ennis that he said just gave me chills.
What comic is that quote from by the way?
This is from the issue with the expansive Iron Man picture.

I believe it's titled, "Five Questions with Ray Stevenson."
Travelled to Vietnam?
But he isn't a Vietnam vet in this one... Is he?
Thanks for posting this, big Ray Stevenson is going to be great, I can't wait to see him play FC.
At the risk of sounding completely ******ed...

What the **** does that quote even mean?
Great interview; glad they got the actor that knows the character inside and out.:woot:
Thats a pretty damn good interview, everything Ray says in this hit the spot with me as a Punisher fan, getting more and more excited for this.
His father Maclean must be so proud :)

Ray had better do a good job or else he'll come back and kick his butt.

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