Newborn baby falls through train toilet, survives.


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Nov 27, 2000
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# Story Highlights
# Newborn baby falls through the toilet on a moving train after being prematurely born
# Baby survives for 2 hours on the tracks before being found
# Toilets on Indian trains usually open directly onto track
# Baby has still not been named, was 10 weeks premature and weighed 3.22 pounds

AHMADABAD, India (AP) -- A newborn baby girl fell through the toilet in a moving train and onto the tracks moments after her mother prematurely gave birth, surviving nearly two hours before being found, relatives said Thursday.

This newborn baby girl fell through the toilet on a moving train and onto the tracks moments after her mother prematurely gave birth.

The child's mother, who uses the single name Bhuri, was traveling with relatives on an overnight train when she went to the bathroom shortly before midnight Tuesday and unexpectedly gave birth to a baby girl, said Arjun Kumar, her brother-in-law.

"Later, she fell unconscious and the baby fell through the toilet," he continued. "Two stations later, we knocked at the door."

Bhuri opened the door, soaked in blood.

"When we asked her about what happened, she said the baby had fallen through onto the tracks," Kumar said.

Toilets on Indian trains usually have holes that open directly onto the tracks, and there were no indications Thursday that authorities doubted Bhuri's story or planned to investigate the incident.

Kumar said that after finding Bhuri, relatives pulled the train's emergency brake and told railway officials what had happened. A search was quickly organized, and guards at one of the stations the train had passed soon found the baby.

"She was on the rail track for almost 1½ to two hours," said Dr. Gautam Jain, a pediatrician at Rajasthan Hospital in Ahmadabad, in the western state of Gujarat, where the baby and mother were taken.

The child, who has not yet been named, was eight to 10 weeks premature and weighed only 3.22 pounds, Jain said. She had a low heart rate and body temperature.

"We do not expect such children to survive," Jain said.
Actually it was me on that train and it wasn't a baby I just dropped a mean deuce I swear it was like guiness world record food baby.

That toilet coudn't hold it and the rest is history
How would she not realize she was giving birth? And if she did realize it, why would she then sit on the toilet for it? Even if she didnt know that the toilet went to the tracks, who goes "A baby! Better sit on the john!"?:confused:?
this isn't significantly interesting news...more like a factoid
I love the happy sentence at the end.
very bizzare. What are the odds of that ever happening ya know? lols
This is something that makes you go..."hmmm."
i wonder if she was being dragged by the umbilical cord.
Wow. What the **** kind of toliets do they have in India? They open directly to the tracks? Mercy..
Sounds a bit nuts this - the baby doesn't have a name :o

They could've called it Thomas if it was a boy :D

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