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World Nic Cage's Superman movie **spoilers of movie Knowing***


Mar 23, 2007
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I just watched the movie Knowing, and I was wondering if anyone else noticed the similarities to the Superman mythology. First, I really enjoyed the movie and I get the religious/science aspects of the movie as they are pretty much thrown in your face. great special effects. Nic Cage is a known huge SM fan, as he named his son Kal-El and was up for the role in the Tim Burton pic. Here are some things I picked up on, and its probably just me but here are the similarities I noticed:

1. Scientist discovers the world is ending and in the end has a chance to save his son from the planets destruction with a chance to send him to another world
2. Son's name is Caleb (Kal-El) and last name begins with K. CK= Clark Kent
3. Planet is destroyed by sun
4. Spaceships resemble Donner S:TM spaceship, Krypton, and Fortress of Solitude ice features.
5. While it appears there are more kids that survive the planets destruction, it could be argued that there are only 2 survivors of the planets destruction. ie: Kal-El and Kara.

Just some thoughts I had.
Wow, good points, never even thought of any of this, there are a lot of similarities though!
Haha, yeah, good points. I have noticed that Nicolas Cage has done two movies with the word "man" in the title, The Wicker Man and the Weather Man. Is he compensating the loss of Superman in his resume with those titles? Heh, just fcking around. I tought Knowing was crap. Nick hasn't made any good movies lately imo.

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