Nike under fire for sexist women's t-shirt


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Mar 8, 2004
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Well, if she is one....:o
Come on now, women have as just as much right to be part of the precious metals extraction industry as men, I don't see the problem.
As the saying goes, "if the shoe fits".....:o
People without a sense of humor... don't buy this shirt.

There, I fixed everything.
It'sn ot like it says "****E" or something. Get over yourselves.
Well she ain't messing with no broke.....
How is this any different from the ones that read ****, or ho. Seriously people need to stop crying foul over every little thing

When something really offencive comes along stuff like this just causes people not to care
Nike's been looking to break into the competitive nose-picking apparel industry for a while now, good on them.
The mining industry was originally male dominated.
18 years, 18 years
She got one of your kids got you for 18 years
I know somebody paying child support for one of his kids
His baby mamma's car and crib is bigger than his
It's supposed to be taken as a joke. "Gold digger" as in digging deep for a gold medal. So it's basically supposed to be a negative label applied in a positive sense. It seems like the shirt understated the in-joke too much.
What Optimus said.

I found it rather obvious, seeing as how its Nike, a sports apparel company.

Digging deep...for the gold.
How is it sexist?

It's not saying all women are gold-diggers.
I've seen plenty of shirts like this before.
The funny thing is, this shirt is clearly meant solely for women to purchase and wear.

It would be a different thing if Nike made a man's T-shirt saying "Women are nothing but gold diggers," but this is clearly a different scenario. If this is truly offensive to women, as some claim, then the free market will certainly bear that out.
Someone needs to tell certain women rallying against this t-shirt that it's meant to be an ironic statement of athleticism, not the scarlet letter they always knew would come...
Coca Cola ripoff
If I was a Lawyer and worked for them on this case, I'll make a $#%^load of cash
Even if I worked for Nike and defended the right for this Gold Digger T-Shirt, and won of course

Problem is, law isn't my thing
That really is the only problem, because if law really was your thing, Nike and Cocacola would be winning a lawsuit they would never have won.

How are any of us ever gonna win any cases!? Go to Law School Spider-Aziz, you're our only hope.

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