Mar 14, 2006
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Will we see the Nimbus cloud in the film?

And would you want to?
I would love to see it, but I don't know if they'll have it, I mean c'mon if you can have the Silver Surfer and his board look great, you can have the nimbus, and wait...where the HELL IS KRILLIN?
I'd like to see it but if not it could be at least mentioned by Master Roshi
i actually dont think i'd like to see it. they dont need it.
It'd be cool to see, but it might look too corny on screen.

anyone remember the Nimbus cloud in the old DB movie?
Yeah :down
that's what worries me about this movie. i dont want them to make it too corney or else the movie will have a direct to dvd feel.
I bet it will be that yellow car we saw on the set photos..Nimbus!
Unnecessary. The only thing I'd like about the Nimbus if it had a mention by Roshi, as Lobo said.
i want to see it, but it is very doughtfull it will be in the movie.
I don't have a problem with nimbus, Goku could ride it the same way that the Silver Surfer does. He could be like a Greek God standing atop a golden cloud.

They could make it look dope.
I don't think it's needed. I would just prefer to see Goku fly.
I`d like to see the Nimbus...I`d like Master Roshi to tell Goku he will only train him if he has a pure heart and can ride the nimbus
Maybe your right Iron Fist...I think we would only need nimbus if Goku where still a kid...I loved on Dragonball hear kid Goku laugh while flying the Nimbus..Teen Goku should be flying
I was at a gay pride parade and I saw one of them riding a flying yellow cloud. So yah, it could be a little gay.
I have no idea if we will see it, I think it will look a little weird on screen to see. So maybe its best if we leave it out and just have Goku walk for a while till he learns to fly. They can at least mention it some times, so it wouldn't seem like its being left out yah know?
I think it'd be just fine if it was left out with no mention at all.

The yellow car isn't Nimbus. Goku is going to be hit by that car.

Welcome to the Hype. :up:

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