Nintendo Sees No Reason for Wii HD

Just a rumor, that I personally don't believe, but MaxConsole is posting news about the Wii HD that Pachter constantly talks about:

We've just received some exclusive news and specs on the Wii 2 via (though a Nintendo of France marketing employee). The leaked specs denote the Wii 2 will get a Blu-ray drive (mainly to stop piracy), but will also support 1080P for games as well as movies. The new system is due out during the third quarter of next year and there will be the option to trade in old Wii's!

More details below (translated from French):

This is a nice exclusive we have here at MaxConsole courtesy of Artik from on the Wii 2. The actual information is said to have been leaked from an internal source of the marketing Nintendo France Service. Unlucky for them, this kind of information should stay internal, but that's not our philosophy.

- The Wii2 system will feature a Blu-Ray drive with a secondary aim of stopping piracy.
- 1080P and lower resolutions will be supported, for blu-ray movies and games.
- The release date is scheduled for third quarter of 2010.
- The release will be worldwide and on the same day for all countries.
- A scheme will be available in which it is possible to trade in the original Wii for a cheaper price on the new Wii 2.

Moreover, Nintendo wants to make a worlwide annoucement, only one month before release date. Huge publicity and Viral Marketing will be utilized to create the Buzz. Official pictures are not yet available, and more specs will be released in due course.

Why do we believe it at all ?

* Artik from has regularly provided news to MaxConsole and has a lot of 'insider' contacts.

* Nintendo has suggested that it's time they embraced high definition technology for the Wii and Blu-ray has firmly established itself. So a Wii 2 with Blu-ray support does make sense.
Sounds...far-fetched. I'd love for it to happen, but I don't know if it'll do much for the games except bump the resolution. The Wii's "power" has yet to be harnessed by most of the developers due to laziness.
Yeah. I don't buy it. Would be nice though, especially a trade in offer for the Wii.
HH, that is such a load of crap lol.

Yeah the blu-ray and trade in program just killed it. Nintendo has always developed their own proprietary media for their consoles (the Wii Optical Disk is similar to a DVD but isn't so they get more royalties instead of Toshiba) so them adopting blu-ray is unlikely and the trade in idea is just absurd.

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