Non Spoiler Man of Steel Discussion Thread

Me too. Seriously, I've gone from popping in, skimming in fear, to straight out refusing to enter those forums, and now even skimming the non spoiler discussions first because I know people can slip up sometimes (I did after the Avengers :()

I experienced that this morning, I don't think the poster even realised he did. It sucks but I think the only way to stay clear of spoiler is to stay off the forums :csad:.
Yeah, I think I'll let my instincts guide me for when it's time to leave!
I dont even want to hear a review of the movie until i get to see it my self. Which is going to be very difficult because it doesnt come out till the end of the month here.
*pokes head in*

Is it safe in here?


Hahaha :woot:

It's scary as hell over in the spoiler thread now. You can't even trust people's Avi's anymore. :oldrazz:
^ Yep. The NonSpoiler unspoilery review thread is probably your safest bet now ;)
Is it sad that I twice saw a double decker bus go past me in the street today with MOS on the side, and both times it made me break out into this massive wide grin that lasted a good couple of minutes before it would go away :D
Today I bought a Superman shirt and thought about the movie, which got me a little excited. Then right after, I saw a sticker on someone's car that had the S shield and a child's name with "In memory of..." and the years he had been alive. He died May 29th this year. It brought me back down and made me reflect on how lucky I am to be alive and how grateful I will be to see Man of Steel, which that boy unfortunately won't get to. So I'll be sure to enjoy the movie twice as much for him. :super:
whats going on in the non spoilet review thread?

Are people discussing actual reviews of the movie? Its bizarre people now know if the movie is any good.
No directors cut: :csad:

"I literally don't have one. I go 'Look — that's it,' and [they say,] 'No! No Zack! Please. Please. Give us more!' I'm like 'No, there's no more. That's it.'"
Few hours till I watch it, I can't wait!
Just got back from seeing MoS. Totally blew all my expectations out of the water. The last 45 minutes of the movie I don't think my jaw shut. Seriously epic.
Was this movie filmed with a iMax camera like the dark knight? I've got tickets for the iMax tonight
I didn't spoil myself at all for this film. It was so hard. but I'm glad I did not.

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