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Jun 11, 2012
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Sorry, but as a very casual Marvel fan I haven't heard of GoG until this movie's announcement and then the Earth's Mightiest Heroes episode. I've tried to learn as much as I can without drowning myself in information, but after my "travels" I've got a question that I fear will be taken the wrong way but here goes:

Is Guardians of the Galaxy meant to be a comedy? As in there is a plot and serious ramifications of story events but mainly the series is meant to be funny?

The reason why I ask is that I've been put under the impression that the comics are set up a bit like a reality TV show and the team goes on a mission all the while doing mock-interviews where they gripe about things that happen in the story as well as their teammates. Then the whole thing where a talking Raccoon, tree man, and bug among other odd alien creatures are main characters set in the midst of an action story. The raccoon has a thing for big guns which makes it seem even sillier.

Then in the context of this movie it looks as though it'll tie into Avengers 2 in some way. It'll at least be set in the same universe. So comedy can't be too far off since every lead up movie has had humor as a staple element especially in Avengers itself.

So what I guess I'm getting at is whether this movie is meant to be funny or if it's a serious story aimed at a more mature audience?
It's meant to be fun.
That means it doesn't take itself too seriously, but neither is it meant to be broad comedy or slapstick.
Much like the original Star Wars (Ep. IV), it combines healthy doses of jokes and light-hearted moments in amongst the more serious fare. That's what makes a good adventure flick.
Yeah, the tone isn't unlike the Iron Man movies in that respect. Or even Thor and The Avengers.
Oh ok. I was under the impression that it was really dark and mature but Rocket was throwing me off a little with that idea haha

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