Nothing Like Robbing Autistic Kids

Every day, my mother tells me to stop being so cynical about people, and it seems like every day, she's proven wrong.
How could they not notice that this chick was on drugs, especially a drug like meth.
When I first started reading this I had a couple of witty lines in my head that may or may not have made for my post.

Those lines will never be seen. That's such a disgraceful display of what can happen in situations such as this.

I'd love to get my hands on the f***er that did this. I'd steal more than his f'n lunch money. :cmad:
This lady and the puppy thrower should be thrown off a cliff while tied together:cmad:.
She had to feed her drug habit. A victimless crime? :o

That would be like Lindsay snatching a little OCD jewish kid's bat mitsvah money for some new needles.
thats so funny hahahah
that's just sad... an autistic kid? that's just a new low for man kind...

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