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NY Comic Con- DC Edition


Kneel before 'Drox!
Jul 19, 2003
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Dini staying on 'Tec and more Freedom Fighters sounds good to me.
Sweet, Manhunter's continuing. I'm glad I finally got into it.
Oh cripes...Mary's going to get molested by Eclipso, isn't she? Seriously though, with Billy as the Wizard and Freddy as the primo emo, Mary's the one Marvel that's sort of still recognizable. Please don't molest her, Eclipso.

Good to hear that Ralph's story isn't quite over yet.

More Freedom Fighters. NICE.

Pied Piper and Trickster taking center stage in Countdown...goddamnit, I'm there. I'm so there. I also reeeeeeeally hope that they remember that neither of them are actually villains anymore.

newsarama said:
Will we see Linda Danvers again? Didio: No.
Well Dan, that's too ba F**K YOU.
When the hell was Vaughan racist against Asians? Was this from Y? :confused:
That seems like a funny scene, but I bet it was incredibly awkward for the people who were actually there.
There's always some crazy guy at these cons stirring the pot. I bet it was Tropico. Like last year the *****e Morrison ****ing pimp slapped.
It probably was Trop. You know how those crazy Spanishans get.
I've never got the appeal of Captain Carrot. Those back-ups in Titans last year were awful too.
I didn't mind the back-ups in Teen Titans, except for the fact that they turned out to be utterly meaningless. I sure as hell wouldn't buy a mini-series about Captain Carrot, though.
They're like the mini marvel backups, theyre nice, but it doesnt mean I would buy an ongoing or mini about them. The same with those Franklin Richards crap.
The Flash in the Countdown teaser is Barry Allen and Jason Todd is Red Robin.
^ Figures, Todd has hit rock bottom I assume.
didnt we (the geeks) allready come to that conclusion?

im still waiting for any confirmation on the rumored wedding
didnt we (the geeks) allready come to that conclusion?

im still waiting for any confirmation on the rumored wedding

Yea,according to LITG,Green Arrow is supposedly going to get cancelled and become "Green Arrow/Black Canary".
I love it.. Barry Allen is The Flash!!! Hal, Barry, Oliver.. the silver Age maybe really coming back!
Jason Todd is Red Robin.. hey I don't mind it... The redemption of Jason Todd! The return of a hero! I always liked Dick Grayson as Nightwing anyway!
Oh well, who knows with the multiverse still out there!

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