Obama really is above "politics as usual"

I can't believe he has the balls to miss 80 % of his votes, myself. I mean, this is a guy, whose biggest problem is his total lack of experience and yet he thinks he is ready to just skip out on work so he can run for our nation's highest office?
eh, i'd still let him screw my (fictional) white daughter.
He really hasn't lived up to the hype, no doubt about that. Things like this don't help him any, either.



Nice to know that he is really out there making a difference. :up:

But yeah, for someone who is so above it, it certainly didn't take him long to start blowing off his duties as senator and flinging mud just like everyone else. He truly is "a fresh blooded outsider" :up:

First aarticle was ok, the second, well I guess ABC's health insurance doesn't cover penis enlargement. Ranting pathetic little twits trying to make a little nothing into a lot of nothing, oh that hurt trying read that crap.
Wow! In the words of Dave Chappelle:" Sounds like a ni66a to me!" :p

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