Oblivion gets some "Hot coffee"


Mar 15, 2005
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Looks like the PC version of Oblivion is getting rerated M from Teen. Due to the fact that a mod out there activated a topless skin for female cahracters and more blood and gore.

The ESRB is really starting to turn into the comics code. And become irrelavent. You can't expect a developer to control modding of their games. They need modders, it drives the sale of their software.
The folks at ESRB are ******s for rating Oblivion "M" not because of the actual content of the game, but some pervert modders the developers have no control over. Guess I'll show them some of the Mario gifs I have stored on my PC that involve "sexual and suggestive themes" and they can rerate that game an "M" as well. :down::rolleyes:
I've seen one of Mario nailing Peach in the butt with every thrust resulting in a 1up.

And if you read the article you can infer that boobies=M rating for any game.
Both the PC AND XBOX360 versions were pulled from the shelves today at the Circuit City I work at.

Looks like both are getting the rating change...
why are people so terrified of breasts?
These freaks'll let any shape of skinny, fat, muscular or whatever dude waltz around on the beach with his shirt off, but if a woman does it call the FBI.

Oblivion deserves an M rating I think. I mean, blood goes everywhere during a fight. If that was enough for Half-Life, it's enough for Oblivion.

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