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Jul 23, 2012
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Have you ever played JRPGs before? Then you at least heard of the Persona series. Yes, many fans of the genre claim it to be one of the greatest examples for RPGs, period. What do I think of it? Well, this may shock you... But I DESPISE it.

I can get that the series has some sort of appeal, but I can never get into said series... I dunno... It really bothers me a lot.

For starters, both the first and second games aged really horribly..... Especially the first. First person dungeon crawling, bad battle system, and random encounters completely ruins the game. The second is basically a third person view of persona 1.

For the modern ones, comes 3 and 4. And let me tell you I really, really, really, really, REALLY HATE PERSONA 3. It's an early version of Final Fantasy XIII (but not completely). Bad battle system, no guard, awful fusion spells, terrible story, terrible music, terrible characters, linear and boring dungeon, and VERY bad A.I. Surprisingly, I enjoyed 4 (though, I may need to replay it, but I'll just tell you all my thoughts beforehand). The god awful battle system from three is fixed, no more fusion spells, the characters isn't 3 emo, music is pretty good, the dungeon tries to add variety, and is overall more polished..... However, what flaws this game has comes from it's predecessor. If your main character dies, it's game over.... This trend started since 3 and is actually affecting most other RPGs. It doesn't matter if your allies are alive, you die and you start all over. So much for team work.... The dungeons... The cosmetically mask the dungeons with colors and hoped to pass it off as "game design..." Well, it backfired completely. It's just going on a pathways until you find the stairs. Another thing that drags this game down is that it's more visual novel than actual RPG. The worst thing in the game is that there's mandatory High School segments that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual game. It might've been ok if it was sidequests, but the game forces the player to deal with these situations.

So those are my experiences with the series. What is your experience and what do you think of the series as a whole?
I like the Persona series and can't wait for Persona 5.

I'm also interested to try SMTIV.
Oh dear my.

Well, I my introduction to the series actually wasn't Persona, but Digital Devil Saga. I really liked both of those games (the second wasn't as good, and I didn't like the direction it took, but it was still good). The style of the whole SMT is good to me. It keeps that iconic anime style, but it has a certain distinction to it, too. It creates a great alternative to the usual JRPG offering.

As far as Persona goes, I've not played the original. I've played Person 2 (the second part) on PS1, and I honestly didn't think it seemed anymore dated than most PS1 RPGs. I enjoyed both 3 & 4 on both PS2, but they were rather hard, which kind of made me fall into grinding to get where I needed. Not a huge fan of that, but I found the craft of both pretty impressive.

I never played Nocturne, actually have a copy watched on my eBay list that I'm thinking of getting. If SMTIV were on a system I have, I'd probably get that, too.
It's good. Been quite awhile, but it's got a solid battle system. Not quite as hard as the mainline SMT games (particularly III and IV), but still fairly tough. The story is pretty great, but the first game does end on a cliffhanger, and the direction the second one takes is entirely different.
Cool. Any other games you would compare it to?
Hm, nothing really comes to mind outside the other SMT games. It's definitely within that style. It's much more basic, though. There isn't any demon catching/fusing or sim stuff like the mainline series or Persona. I would kind of say it's like, what if there were a SMT Final Fantasy style, I guess.
Have you played Nocturne since you made that other post?

Persona 5 coming to PlayStation 4 as well as the PlayStation 3. Release is in 2015...in Japan, at least as far as I know.


This may be the main character. He is highlighted in the trailer. Pretty good design.


Oh yeah, big city! Better than the rural Persona 4 town already.


Nice. Persona 5 was pretty much the only reason I was keeping my PS3 around.

I'll probably still keep it around to play Metal Gear though.

Persona 5 coming to PlayStation 4 as well as the PlayStation 3. Release is in 2015...in Japan, at least as far as I know.


This may be the main character. He is highlighted in the trailer. Pretty good design.


Oh yeah, big city! Better than the rural Persona 4 town already.



yeah there was a thread for Persona 5 put it the PlayStation section this morning and a interview with the creator from Siliconera
Persona series 25th anniversary website launched, teases seven new projects - Gematsu

As of 2021, the Persona series has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

To all of our fans that have supported us for so long, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And this coming September, the Persona series will finally celebrate its 25th anniversary. To show our gratitude, we’re preparing a number of celebrations over the one year period from September 2021 to fall 2022.

From 25th anniversary goods and various events to game news and more, we will be making all sorts of anniversary announcements. Please look forward to them.

ペルソナ25周年記念特設サイト (Persona 25th Anniversary Special Site)
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Game Informer - Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden Go Multiplatform In January

With Persona 5 Royale set to launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Switch on October 21, Atlus has announced the multiplatforms release dates for Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden. Thankfully, fans only have to wait a few months before all three acclaimed RPG’s become available on modern platforms.

On January 19, Persona 3 Portable arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox consoles, Switch, and PC via Steam. That same day, Persona 4 Golden will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox platforms (including Windows), and Switch. Both titles will also be available on Xbox Game Pass at launch.
Some speculation that that leak happened slightly on purpose to take some steam away from Summer Game Fest. :D
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Persona 3 Reload Won't Include Content from FES or Portable, Including the Female Protagonist - IGN

That is extremely lame. I don't personally care about the new voice actors or the visual novel remake PS Portable content, but Persona 3: FES remains the best version to run or emulate despite the AI controlled party.

This company loves to double dip so a second release with the old content is not out of the realm of possibility.

My thoughts on this kinda depends on what specifically they mean by FES content.

If they're referring to The Answer, I can live without that personally and can accept that being DLC added later or something. Same for FEMC. If it's the stuff added into The Journey, like Aigis' social link or the Elizabeth requests? That's mostly an L (although I'd also argue stuff like
being able to save Chidori
in FES is genuinely the worst addition they made to P3 so lmao)
Either way, Persona 3's my favourite game of all time and means the ****ing world to me. I got faith in ATLUS to do it right, but...

Good God is this gonna be off the chain if they do get it right

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