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Feb 11, 2011
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I know it still seems very soon to talk about a reboot but considering that it's right now DC's most popular franchise it's reasonable to think that they won't wait too much.

They even showed plans of this before The Dark Knight Rises was released:

A new rumor sugests that the the reboot will be called "The Batman" and that it will take place during Batman's 2nd year of crime fighting:

While i doubt this recent rumor is true, i don't doubt that they will try to get it made as soon as possible. Where should they go from now?

I think that starting in Year 2 is a good option, and since the last series is already so recent in people's memory i think that they can have the Joker and Scarecrow as already formed villains that are now in Arkham and move from there, try new villains and slowlly establish his rogue gallery:


There's a lot to choose from, and even villains that seem silly at first sight like the Ventriloquist and calendar man can be worked on to be creepy and interesting.

From here you even start like Batman's first appearance:

As a mysterious figure that haunts the night, and even take inspiration from Bruce Timm's noir style.
I think this thread should go to the future films section

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