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Blade Official Blade General Discussion and Speculation Thread!

Also, per the official wiki page, "Blade is likely at his 70s but he looks like an early 30s or early 40s man". :shrug:
Wiki page for what, the character or the movie? If it's the character, then it goes without saying that has no bearing on how they present the character within the mcu. None of the other characters are exactly like their comic counterparts.
Blade deserves his own channel thread here just like everyone else has their own separate channel thread
Blade deserves his own channel thread here just like everyone else has their own separate channel thread
He did have one. The film production has been so cursed, we're waiting for it to start filming
It's been 5 ****ing years since they announced this thing!


Even Marvel Studios' X-Men is reported to start filming neXt year, and Armor Wars later this year....and from the Reedit post that I saw, Blade wasn't mentioned.
Its insane how many films are in development or in plans, that some of them might not even get released. Its exhausting reading how many films/series are supposed to be in development. Who's really gonna watch a Midnight Suns movie besides the super fans. Next thing you'd see in Twitter, someone is reporting that Squadrom Supreme is also in the works just like Midnight Suns and Young Avengers.
Some bad news. Daniel Richtman is reporting that “Blade” will be undergoing some more “major rewrites” with a new undisclosed writer hired for these plans. And yet, Richtman says they are still planning to start production in the fall. Lol.
And now there's rumors Ali may exit the role. 🤣
Ali was announced in 2019. Even with the pandemic, has this film been in development hell as long as Gambit at this point, if not longer?

Just stick a fork in this movie, it's done, Blade in a Midnight Sons film and call it a day at this point!
I figured they get Michael Giacchono, Peter Cameron, and Heather Quinn together again for this project.
In my opinion, save this for late 2020s or early 2030s. They are going nowhere still trying to make this happen, for several years now - when Marvel Studios is also heavily making/developing movies for Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic 4, Shang-Chi, Thor, Thunderbolts*, Sam Wilson, etc... they are simply preoccupied with other things, this simply didn't get their attention and was lost in the mix. Because if it had gotten enough attention and urgency, it wouldn't go through so much rewrites/restarts. Marvel Studios isn't that perfectionist to begin with.
As someone who is still rooting for Marvel despite all their problems and who doesn't think they should be canceling any announced projects...I think they just need to cancel this movie and put it on ice for awhile. For whatever reason they can't seem to get this movie off the ground and with the recent news about more rewrites and now Ali is gearing up for a new movie (and potentially dropping out of this one), I think they just need to move on. I don't think a Blade movie is entirely necessary to do a Midnight Suns movie anyway (if the reports are true it's in development). And then if that movie succeeds, maybe then they can revist a Blade movie a few years down the road. But for now with Marvel trying rebound from the last few misses, this seems to be the one spinning plate they have up that is constantly dropping.
A Blade movie only exists because Ali wanted to play Blade. If he drops out, they'll probably shelve it, but they should keep trying until that point, imo.

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