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Official Scarecrow Costume Thread

Doctor Who

Jan 11, 2010
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There used to be a Scarecrow outfit thread awhile back, but it vanished... so I've taken the liberty of bringing it back! All that being said, before I was aware of the Aurora Crisis after I got back from the midnight showing of TDKR, I took the time and made my own Scarecrow costume! Let me know if you all dressed up as Dr. Crane and post pictures if you can; other than that, enjoy. :woot:






Even ran into another Scarecrow in line next to me. :word:

So, has anyone made an Arkham Asylum version of the Scarecrow suit?
i like the thread starters mask as well. sewing burlap isnt easy, after all the scarecrow masks i've made, i have permanent cuts into my hands from the sewing, haha. "battle wounds" like "mater" from cars, haha
I wouldn't deny that at all; it was a very fun challenge. I think what works most in creating a Scarecrow mask is getting an extra hand and having one person sew a bit while the burlap is still on your had; it makes ALL of the difference when it's specificity is tailored for only your own head.

And Tyler, I've seen your mask before; RDMaul dressed as Bane for Comic Con and I recall you two taking a couple of photos. And it's far more brilliant than mine. LOL A job very well done; I'm curious however, what kind of burlap did you use because it seems to have so much depth. And the way you've created the wrinkles/pleats with the shading is phenomenal! It's the closest I've seen to Murphy's mask. :woot:
Thank You kindly, that wasnt me though, it was a customer of mine named Jason
But it was your work, correct? :yay:

I'm actually thinking about making another one for the fall, but if I can get my hands on TDKR Manuel and Art & Making of TDK Trilogy, I'm going to do everything I can to make it as authentic as possible.
was my work indeed, it was a customer of mine Jason Baker who worn it to san diego comic con this year.

those books are really good.

the batman begins blu has some great scarecrow mask shots in it as well (in the making of segments)
Well, I'm going to start doing some modifications to my mask within the next couple of weeks; enlighten me Tyler, how did you come and get that dye/dirty color to your burlap? :yay:

So far I'm going add more stitches and rough it up a bit, find away to have the second piece that hangs under the noose attached to the mask, and shall find the appropriate length twine/rope and make a new noose; and once I have that, I'll cut the rope loop in half and mount it to the mask. That way it will stay all in one piece, not worry about the hassle of loosening or tightening the loop, and in the end be perfectly tailored to my head so that I can easily pull the mask on and off. :up:
Update: I took at closer look my previous mask and have officially decided I am in the process of creating another. This time however, it is my very intent to capture EVERY authentic detail about Cillian Murphy's mask used in the film.

That being said, I'm looking through every photo of his mask that I can possibly find: finding what color of burlap that is used, analyzing what components make it dirty and spotted in parts of the mask, where exactly the rips and stitch patterns are, every wrinkle/pleat I would need to make either by sewing or ironing, EVERYTHING. :woot:

And for references undergoing what I'm attempting, here's a few photos of what we have to work with; some details I find fascinating.





Here's where it get's interesting; it would seem that there leather buckles and straps that been installed inside of that mask. One could argue that it might be adjustable, but the fact obviously is that the mask is tailored to Cillian Murphy's head size, as well as the burlap being created AROUND his breathing apparatus; I'm theorizing that the straps indeed belong to whatever respirator mask he's got going on inside.



And another thing: it also seems my noose theory is something along the lines of what the creators had in mind. It would seem the noose is a made fit, and it connects higher above on the back of the head. That way there was no adjusting of the noose: that the mask is all in the end one piece, and in be thrown on and off without any tightening or loosening. And how the noose is shaped: on the left it goes up over the mask and to the back, while on the right about 2-3 inches a way, a hole was made to slide the rope in and to the back as well. Small details like this what gives the mask it's shape, and as grungy and as thrown-together as it is, it's actually brilliant in it's design and little tailoring cheats. This also provides an extra safety precaution of not strangling yourself, which is a plus!


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great pictures, thats when it was on display in 05 at wizard world conventions i believe. i saw it at the 2005 chicago wizard world. was awesome to see

the noose, like you observed, is tied to the sides of the mask but the leather straps, its not a full noose. it was, but then cut in the back. also, the noose itself is fixed in place, so it cant move up or down.
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great pictures, thats when it was on display in 05 at wizard world conventions i believe. i saw it at the 2005 chicago wizard world. was awesome to see

the noose, like you observed, is tied to the sides of the mask but the leather straps, its not a full noose. it was, but then cut in the back. also, the noose itself is fixed in place, so it cant move up or down.

Precisely. :yay:

Mask making starts this weekend and I'm looking for extra clothes tomorrow; I'm in debate about 3 wardrobes, but I'll go more into that when I have luck with what I find. This is going to be fun. :woot:
Added stitches

Very nice!!! I might keep that in mind myself, if I can unravel some of the burlap and use that to stitch up a few strands for the eyes. :woot:

If my check comes in tomorrow I'll get some materials and take some photos of everything I'm working with. Yesterday I was looking specifically for the gray tone suit that he wears in BB, but I found this blue coat that looked alarmingly similar to Crane's coat in the opening of TDK; and I found a pair of pants that match the color fairly enough. Wish I could have found a 2 piece suit. :oldrazz: But it should work fairly well, and that's the approach I intend to make next. :woot:

So far I have the dress clothes and shoes (I've had my dress black shoes for years and they look close enough); I'll keep an eye out to find the right beige/brown/tan striped shirt and the right brown tie as well. I managed to find a couple of photos that really helped me out.





I'll have to find another image capture program and save the other photo I found; it's big and gives you detail patterns on the tie.
Apparently this was an autograph, but I have never seen this photo; it enlightened me greatly, so hopefully it can help you all out as well with Scarecrow costume making. :woot:


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