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General Trek Talk Official Star Trek Discussion Thread

Thanks for all the answers. Going to start with Enterprise and go basically chronologically.
Like most of the Star Treks, Enterprise is a mixed bag. But conceptually, it was an interesting “experiment.” It seems like Berman and Braga realized that the advanced tech in the 24th century was conducive to ever more wacky and lazy storylines and plot holes. (E.g., how many times must the holodeck malfunction before Starfleet figures out that it’s dangerous and morally problematic? :word:) So as a kind of return-to-basics, Enterprise is set in the 22nd century. No holodecks, no androids. Even the transporter is new (and therefore used sparingly).
Enterprise got off to a rough start, but it improved so much in its third and fourth seasons, it's a shame that it got cancelled and a reminder of how lucky we were that TNG survived its even rougher start.
It has become a bit of an odyssey to get production started in a fourth movie and somehow each time they find inferior writers and directors. I still hope this gets made and it's interesting that they keep on trying even though they're having a reboot in development as well, but I have big reservations it will see the light of day.
They really should've set the remainder of Discovery in the mirrorverse.

They wanted so bad to be the definitive ST series but in doing so just made them have to be the series that no one in universe remembers or talks about.
I could not find an active sub forum thread for the Star Trek movies, general discussion thread, I found some but last posts were one or two years old. Can someone point me to one or it doesn't exist yet in the Misc Films forum.
Now that the "origin" Trek film has been officially confirmed by Paramount Pictures (well as confirmed as Star Trek 4 is, and we know how long on and off it's been in development).

I thought I go back to the well that is my obsession to see "Star Trek: Beginning" finally made, and hopefully some closure on Star Trek: Enterprise and that era in general.

Now I'm taking a stab at what they mean by origin film for Star Trek. As to me the current origin film of Star Trek is Star Trek: First Contact, as that shows Earth's first Warp ship and them meeting the Vulcans and kick starts what will become Starfleet and then the Federation. If you go any earlier what's the point as it be World War III (not very Star Treky now is it).

So then the only logical idea for a film would be the Enterprise period and showcasing the Earth-Romulan War finally. The war was between 2156-2160 just before the formation of the Federation in 2161. This counts as a Star Trek "origin" story, to see Earth joining forces with Vulcans, Andorians and the Tellarites against the shadowy Romulans and in turn after the war creates the Federation. Well there you have your origin story for all of Star Trek!!!

Also if we do it Star Trek: Enterprise can have the ending it truly needs and deserves and gets the bad taste of These Are the Voyages... out of the fandoms mouths.

Could fit a Idris Elba Balthazar M. Edison (pre Krall turn) cameo for fun too.

On a side note Krall was defeated in the Kelvin Universe but still around in the Prime timeline just a random thought that pops up in my head time after time…

With Star Trek: The Beginning finally being made, it can act as a prequel not just for Prime Trek but also the Kelvin Universe!!!

What you think Guys?
When does Spock time travel to the past?

(A la the new films for the branching timeline)

I’m guessing after Voyager, but before Picard? Or would it be before that during Deep Space 9 or Next Generation time?
I've been a STAR TREK fan since it debuted in 1966, and as such I've always liked to take note whenever I see an actor that appeared in original Trek show up in some other movie or TV show. Last year I rewatched the original MISSION IMPOSSIBLE TV series and was surprised at the number of actors from original Trek that showed up on the show. Well....I am currently watching the BARNABY JONES TV series and the instances of TREK actors appearing in it is even greater so far (I'm almost done with season two). Take out the fact that Lee Meriwether (who appeared in ToS episode THAT WHICH SURVIVES) co-stars on BARNABY JONES, there is at least one other TREK actor, and many times two or three others, who show up in the series. In the episode I just finished (S2/E21 -DARK LEGACY) Taking out Meriwether there was still Paul Fix, Bill Zuckert, and Meg Wyllie. If you are a Trek trivia fan then these shows are a goldmine.
The combination of Kurtzman and Kinberg is enough to make someone become an alcoholic. I literally could not envisage a worse combo, especially if Goldsman is involved.
With the 60th anniversary of Star Trek coming in 2026 I think the time is now for a massive crossover with multiple crews from over the years and finally show us the end to the Temporal Cold War!!!

Have Kovich be like a Nick Fury kid of guy getting all these crews together for his biggest Red Directive to date.

Have it as a looooong Trek, you could start adding the bread crumbs more and more between now and 2026.

So have Section 31, Strange New Worlds, Starfleet Academy, Star Trek: Legacy (I’m still holding out hope for that!!!) and even Star Trek: Lower Decks dropping references or even background Easter Eggs could start popping up.

The “origin” Trek film in the works could do the most leg work if they have Archer and his Enterprise crew.

Just feel the time is now to end this once and for all. We learnt in Discovery’s episode “That Hope Is You, Part 1” that Time Travel technology was destroyed and outlawed. So how did it all end? Who was involved?

Now with the future Romulan in Strange New World’s episode “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow” what year did she travel from? Was she looking for revenge for the Supernova incident? Or was she much further in the future?

Could be like the current Star Trek comics with Sisko and his temporal crew.

What you think Guys? Just a Fan’s dream or could you see it happen? Would you want it to happen tho?
Random thoughts...

A Wikipedia article describes incidents in which police officers have mistakenly fired their service pistols at suspects — thinking they were discharging their Tasers.

It’s rare. But it’s apparently plausible that, in the heat of the moment, one weapon could be mistaken for the other.

With that in mind, I submit that the Star Trek Phaser — which can toggle between “stun” and “kill” at the flip of a switch — is maybe not the best design… ;nd


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