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I have no desire to get to know Wolfcub or Blindfold considering about a dozen NXMers I love had to get shunted out of the way to make space for them.
Ditto. It already upset me when characters got killed off or dropped once with New X-men after HoM, but now, every character I liked is gone. This new cast simply doesnt interest me. I also dont like the change bc interesting subplots are once again dropped. I was interested in seeing what was in store for Magik and the future of the book but it looks like that will now be canned.
How sweet would it be if Defilipps/Weir were the next writers after Gug's run is over? :D

They'd set everything straight :o
Am I the only one where who thinks that this new "brotherhood" is the old New X-men? Why Cyklops is doing this, skrull or just bad writing, I dont know...

And I the only one who really hate this new character Ink? Hes badass, he got a got one of the worst and most illogical powers ever and hes just...bad.
Ink sounds a bit like Sai from Naruto...with the ink based powers and all
this roster is horrible, I don't think I'll be picking up this book, I missed the last few issues of new x-men and have been searching for them can't find them anywhere, the last one I have is 43, what the hell happened to everybody?
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The Dodsons do good covers.

On another note, woot for Dani and Magma.
Dani and Magma? Finally Young X-men peaked my interest
Holy ****! thats an awesome cover...Moonstar looks like Pam Grier tho...which isnt a bad thing
Moonstar has powers again and breast implants I'm picking this book up now. That and by reading the synopsis, the book sounds sorta interesting.
Wow. Guess I WILL be checking this out - at least for its first arc.
Magma alone can take the entire roster without breaking a sweat
Magma was written horribly after she left New Mutants to join teh Hellions. Every writer that got her, messed her up worse than the other. Thank goodness CC attempted to redeem her and make her less of a joke and N&C did good by her in the small bit she had in New Mutants v2 and New X-men: AX
Indeed. That whole Alison Crestmere thing was just pathethic. I always loved the idea of a lost roman civilization hidden in the jungle. They definetely need to return to Nova Roma sometime soon... I hope it appears on the Marvel Atlas Handbook 2, because it wasn't on the first one :(
What I hated was when they turned her into a villian and made her join Bedlams New Hellions team. WTF? Magma wasnt really making much sense and I hated her there. That was the character at her lowest point. I liked when she sort of joined the X-men during CC's X-treme run. I wonder why he didnt use her when he went to UXM, bc he really did some buildup there
Do you want to know why this book is going to be bad??? The writer himself says this is the "third" brotherhood, and it's brand new. I guess he just forgot about Toad's Brotherhood, Havok's Brotherhood and Exodus' Brotherhood... If he doesn't know there were more Brotherhoods than just Mags and Ravens... it's not a good sign for the book.

Actually that might be a GOOD sign... just who the hell wants to remember any of the Brotherhoods besides Mags and Mystiques?

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