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The Allison Crestmere part happened during an X-Force/New Warriors crossover where they tried to deny Nova Roma's existence by saying Selene had kidnapped a plane of british people and brainwashed them into creating Nova Roma. Which was all bull. Thank the goddess CC retconned that by saying Nova Roma was real and Magma was Amara Aquilla once more in X-Treme 46 :D
I'm still a lil iffy about this book, still not sure if i should or shouldn't pick it up
No, that's just a varient to the first issue.






In the wake of Messiah CompleX, there are no more X-Men…so just who are the Young X-Men? And why has Cyclops sent them after the newly formed Brotherhood? Enter Young X-Men #1, from rising-star scribe Marc Guggenheim (Amazing Spider-Man), fan favorite artist Yanick Paquette and red hot cover artist Terry Dodson! Cyclops’ newest team of mutants has been tasked with one mission—eradication of the Brotherhood—and these new mutants are about to learn a hard truth about life after Messiah CompleX! As old allies become deadly enemies, this team of former New X-Men and new recruits must navigate the treacherous waters of a world where every mission could be their last! An X-Men: Divided We Stand tie-in, this series helps lay the foundation for the future of mutants and comes wrapped in a stunning variant cover by the sensational Brandon Peterson! Plus, just wait till you see the shocking last page reveal of the new Brotherhood!​

“This is the latest in the streamlining of the X-Books,” says X-Editor Nick Lowe. “Following Messiah CompleX we wanted to make sure that ALL the X-Books were firing on all cylinders and Marc and Yanick do their part.” This isn’t your run of the mill teen comic book, though. “The floor is littered with teen super-hero books and we know it. All the stops are pulled out for this one—tons of surprises, a rich tradition, a tight tie to X-Continuity and more intrigue than you can shake a stick at. As well as big consequences for some of your favorite teen mutants (and not just the ones on the cover)!”​

Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Young X-Men, as the Divided We Stand tie-ins continue to sell out and generate buzz from all corners! Now that the Young X-Men have been brought together, can they accomplish their mission? Or…should they? Find out in Young X-Men #1!​

YOUNG X-MEN #1 (FEB082264) (DWS)
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—3/13/08, On-Sale—4/2/08​
it looks like Dust is gonna f_ck some people up
" favorite artist Yanick Paquette...?" Ugh.. I hate this guy. Everyone looks pissed off all the time. :(
I hate how yellow it all looks. Seems a bit bland colorwise
Marvel Comics has provided The Continuum a new teaser image from Young X-Men #1, on sale on April 2.

The image was accompanied by the tag line: "The Return Of Old Friend...Or New Enemies?"​

That's Yanick. Not a big fan, like I said. :(
also...why is Blindfold looking up? thats kinda pointless. lol
thats kind of hot how Dodson drew his name in there
that's cover is pretty, I'm guessing the traitor is one the new guys
i would like to know WHERE they came from? or is the '198' so diverse that we will still be getting new mutants who have never previously had any mention or reference popping up for many more years to come?
I'm picking this up solely to see how Dust develops as a character. Really.
That looks intriguing. Not too bad at all.

Yay Rockslide moments!

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