Oh my god

well its true.

You didn't really actually SAY anything though, dude. You just threw out every random cliché you could think of about wolves and wild animals. :huh:

if you owned a cat that was half siamese, half sabertooth tiger would you expect it to play nice with house cats?

No, I'd expect it to make me lots of money because sabretooth tigers are extinct and I'd have a virtual goldmine in my possession.

what im trying to say here is this, play with wild animals, expect to get bit.
So I guess you're against people owning snakes and trantulas right?

no i think wild animals as pets are bad ass. but if you expect your snake and your turantula to play nice with your hamster, you got another thing comin.
Sorry to hear about that, My pet lizard died a couple days ago.
I don't have pets, because all my Mom's pets got squished when she was a
kid, so the only pets I have are hermit crabs.

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