Oh Yeah? Well YOUR Mom Is An Awesome Picture! - Part 10

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Albino lions. I think they're beautiful.



arn't those just white lions? Albino mammals have red eyes....
If only...

From Highlander Endgame trailer. This was the one with fake CGI scenes in trailer only to get people to see the so-called turdfest theater cut. The dvd cuts are better, but not perfect. DVD Producer's Cut is decent and the rough cut with incomplete sound, cgi, f/x, and in and out full and widescreen shots is pretty good. Also, it's my Halloween movie now...dat Highlander Endgame.
The fight between Duncan and the Immortal gang is still ****ing awesome.
The fight between Duncan and the Immortal gang is still ****ing awesome.

I remember some one made a fan video of that...that scene set to Linkin Park's Points of Authority. Made my day many times...:dry: then YouTube became a little butt and removed it.
Im WAY behind on X-Men but why is Colossus now wearing Juggy's helmet?
God that JL pic is awesome. Only thing is I don't like the way MM looks.
It continues to baffle me that basically ever other artist is better at drawing Jim Lee's costume designs than Jim Lee is.

Woulda made so much more sense for them to have used John Stewart/Green Lantern considering he is the most known by todays kids.
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