Homecoming Orci Officially Off Amazing 3

You have to deal with the fact that fanboys don't know what they are talking about. It makes this place more fun.

Or maybe I was just expressing what I felt? I barely knew how to read when the Ultimate run started. **** me for being born in 1996, right?
When people assume they are the guilty party then there's usually a reason why

It's always obvious when ASM/Webb is being critiqued in the forum dedicated to them that certain posters always resort to trying to break down a previous series/director to make themselves feel better about their opinion. It's hilarious. I love it. I especially love it when they have no idea what they are talking about; reference Raimi-USM debate for major lulz.
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All I said was that the Raimi series felt a little Ultimate in nature and **** hit the fan.

Maguire, Raimi and the producers being actual characters in the Ultimate run may or may not have something to do with the connection I'm making. I don't know.

Again, though, it's just opinion, so stop trying to prove anyone "wrong" or "right".
Just because they are opinions doesn't make them infallible to contradictory evidence.
You're confusing opinions with facts.

Facts can be proven, opinions can not.
Some people have the opinion that the current president was not born on the US. It's their opinion right? As long as they say "I think," or "I feel," or "I believe," then they can't be proven wrong right?
Or, their opinion is wrong due to evidence and facts....making then uninformed opinions.

Choose wisely
It doesn't make you right in this case.

Raimi's movies were incredibly Silver Age Spider-Man in tone.

I'm not saying they weren't. Maybe I should rephrase myself; I think the first 30 minutes - an hour of SM1 is slightly Ultimate in tone.

However, SM2 and SM3 felt very classic in tone for me.

Buuuut, again, this is just my opinion - I'm not stating anything as a fact. Neither should you.
Arads problem is he tries to please the fans too much. They wanted Venom so he forced Venom, they wanted a lighter tone for ASM2 so he forced a lighter tone. Ect, ect.

He should stop trying to please people and just let the franchise stick to one path rather than changing directions.

Arad isn't the only issue. There's a lot more to it than just him, but yes, that bum needs to go.
Well, i don't think he is going anywhere until he dies. He contributed a lot, not only to Spider-man, but to the whole superhero genre and they're not just going to kick him out.
I don't want him to die but I need him to go since he's lost it. If he gets head together then he earns my respect again

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