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Over the Rainbow


Jan 10, 2004
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Anyone here believe in alternate realities?Worlds that parallel are own,and perhaps are almost identical.Is it possible thats there's another you living a life very different from your own?Or maybe there's a world where humans don't exist and the planet is run by sentient plant life.:confused:

What do you think?:o
So does that mean there are alternate realities where I'm still with some of my ex's?
Erzengel said:
So does that mean there are alternate realities where I'm still with some of my ex's?

There might be one where your the chick and she's the guy.
There was this girl we used to call Rainbow.. cause her ass was as wide as one. :(
I agree. There was actually a great article I read a year or so ago in some science mag (Popular Science? New Frontiers?) that said it is entirely probable that there a nearly infinate number of universes in which alternate versions of ourselves exist (as well as one that IDENTICALLY mirrors our own.) These alternate versions are ourselves had we chosen differently in regards to some of the major life choices or "pathways".

For example, to use recent news in an alternate universe, Vince Young is not going to the draft, but staying in school, this then has a ripple effect in that universe effecting everyone else in it, and as a result possibly spawning other universes. It got a little complicated for me after that, but it was cool...I'll try to fiind the article and post it.
Erzengel said:
So does that mean there are alternate realities where I'm still with some of my ex's?

Exactly...scary huh?
I'd like to meet myself and compare notes of what each of us were missing out.
Erzengel said:
I'd like to meet myself and compare notes of what each of us were missing out.

Maybe youll fall in love with yourself.:o
Well sure, if you believe in the whole multiverse thing. Anytime anything happens, the universe divides, with one universe for each outcome. It's quantum physics.

The Wikipedia article.
i don't think you'd ever get single event differences. also they might not be parrellel but come one after the other. or they might not be on other planes as such just in different locations.

i'd go into my reasoning for no single event differences but i can't be bothered at the moment, but it comes down to determination and inter connection of events.
Well yeah, it technically only works for non-deterministic events, like quantum states. And even that is debatable.
I'm not sure I quite understand this, what is the logic and where is the scientific evidence behind divergent realities? I mean, decisions are generally made through our personalities and current condition, they aren't arbitrary, in an alternate universe where we made a radically different choice it would seem awfully bizarre. I could only buy it if it diverged because of truly arbitrary things, IE coin flips, dice rolls, but even those aren't ccompletely arbitrary and rely on physics and the method of the throw for example.
According to some physicists, there are some things that actually have a 50/50 chance of happening. However, they are not things that people notice. (eg movements of molecules to the planck lengths).

The fact that there are an infinite number of these resultant universes supposedly results in worlds for all other choices. It is the tiny, "non-deterministic" events that fork the universe, not actions by people. These eventually factor into people's descisions.

The whole butterfly flapping its wings thing has become terribly cliche, but it is applicable in this case.
I'm still not sure however, why the fact that one thing and not the other happened can physically cause an alterate reality. Seems too simplistic to me.
I don't know, but I love the song
shouldn't your name be Leto Atreides?
i am best friends with my doppleganger...and lo and behold she is a gay female...where as i am a straight male.....:eek:

but foreallies.....is anything truly beyond the realm of possibility?
DarthRekal said:
:eek: ..i never thought of that!........you might be right :O

Well, start by wearing women's clothes and a wig to be sure, just wait until the next big family function to announce it..:o

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