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Pacific Rim - Part 3

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The movie takes place in 2013 and then we forward to 2025 at some point. Obviously the invasion takes place in 2013, technology obviously pushes forward to develop these robots, what other futuristic kind of things are you working in? Or have all the resources of the planet been put into the robot program?

DEL TORO: That’s exactly right. One of the first things we did is say, “Well what happens to the world?” Because let’s say the first Kaiju makes land in 2013, huge commotion, right? Everybody goes into mourning, memorializing, this thing was so hard to stop it took so many days, so many people were lost. It becomes almost like a landmark of grief, and then seven months later another guy comes in. It becomes a second Kaiju, we memorialize it, we grieve, we go “oh my god” and then the third Kaiju shows up seven months later and you go alright, we go, “alright, what are we going to do about it?” And then all the worlds technology and resources pull into creating the Jeagers, and what happens then is you don’t have – one of the things I knew I didn’t want, I didn’t want flying cars, I didn’t want everybody has a floating screen in their hand. I wanted to make it very discreet, like certain consoles have a 3d super deep aspect and others are normal. A lot of the stuff is patched up, a lot of the stuff – 12 years later, if the Jeagers haven’t stopped something in 10 years, what do people think about the Jeagers? They haven’t been able to stop it, what are we going to do? So they go into building walls; huge, gigantic, obscenely big walls. So a lot of the technology goes there. What happens when beach front property is the worst property you can buy? What happens when 100 miles from the coast you cannot live, then you lose automatically a third of the country.

Then we started projecting that saying we are going into a ration driven economy, food skyrockets because if you close the pacific ocean, there are 3 ports open after 2020. It’s Vera Cruz, Hong Kong and Vladivostok, those are the 3 ports that are still open, the rest are closed to ship traffic. So there’s a little bit of fishing in Alaska the first few years, but then fishing stops. So imagine the impact that that does to – so we wanted to do that, not verbal, not have people say, “Yes, because it’s 2015.” But you have people say, “This is the beauty of an open port, we can get bread, we can get rice.” We make it a world. So we planned all that. That is all sort of part of the world we created for the movie. What happens with Kaijus when they fall? If removing a whale from a beach is difficult, what happens when – okay, you’ve killed a monster, it’s 25 stories high [laughs], what are you going to do? What happens when Kaijus take a dump
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We were told earlier that various parts of the Kaiju are used for holistic medicine and I think bones are kind of used for a potency kind of thing. Is that something your character actually believes in or is he just hocking that stuff?

PERLMAN: No, it’s for real. There’s no part of the Kaiju that Hannibal Chow has not figured out how to profiteer from. And when we find out that Kaiju bone powder is even more effective than Viagra—or Cialis—imagine his glee. He can’t wait for the next Kaiju to fall

The news article about being on the set on the main page mentions a "kaiju" called Bishop. Going by the description, I have seen it. If any of you care to see it, I can point in the direction of where I saw it. ;)
By the way this is Burn Gorman.

I finally figured out where I had seen him before: He as a small part in The Dark Knight Rises as one of Dagget's assistants.


Also that Charlie Day interview that may be considered a little spoilery.
Just got back from a cast and crew screening in Toronto.

It was actually awesome and for what kinda movie it is (aliens and robots) it was truly great. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED in this movie!
Just got back from a cast and crew screening in Toronto.

It was actually awesome and for what kinda movie it is (aliens and robots) it was truly great. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED in this movie!

You saw it?!

Out of 10?
You saw it?!

Out of 10?

Yes. IT was filmed in toronto, best friend worked on the movie, so we got cast and crew screening.

Movie was great. A lot better than i thought it would be. was worried trailers over hyped it, and it just wouldnt deliver, but god damn del toro knows how to.

Im excited for u all to see it
As Clark Kent says: "I have so many questions."

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Ok. How was the action? Is it funny? Is the story good? Did you cry?

Which do you like better: Man of Steel or Pacific Rim?
This might sound stupid, but are dinosaurs in this? In a recent trailer I could have sworn I saw a teradactyle. Or how does something look like a teradactyle?
No dinosaurs. What you see are different kaiju's. There are many different kinds including ground/flying types.

Man of Steel and this movie are completely different genres.

Action sequences were amazing. the CGI was top notch. It wasnt hard to read what was going on.

Story was very good. For what it is, they brought it down to earth in the sense it's believable.
Oooooooh Raleigh Beckett and Chuck Hansen go at it.
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Anyone else get the prequel graphic novel? It's pretty good, it basically just reveals more of the characters back story.
The only thing i can reveal about the story after watching the film is..

how the aliens come to earth is a huge plot twist. and nothing you're expecting.

you will be 100% satisfied.

Movie is exactly 2 hrs by the way
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