Painkiller Jane ?

Yep, one time movie of the week not a tv series
It was a TV movie but I don't doubt that it also acted as a pilot for a TV series if the movie did well. It even felt like the beginning of a series, by the end.
Nope, it's a weekly tv upcoming TV show. I'm pretty stoked:


I'm stoked about the show too. Painkiller Jane (Kristanna Loken) is f'king hot. can't wait to see it on April 13.

So she can't be killed. She almost look like a grown up Claire Bennet.
kristanna might want to consider toning up a bit.
i think i'll give this show a try aside from football and the fights theres not much i want to watch:hyper:

Excited to see what they do with the premiere tomorrow. I've seen a few interviews with Loken. She's a fox.
whats the show about...never heard about.

isnt that the chick from T3
I'll be watching tonight. Loken is hot as ****, and it's a comic based series. Terrific reasons, I know. :o
yes it is i'll tune into it too
I'll be checking it out...not sure how it will be yet.

Has anyone seen the Emmanuelle Vaugier made-for-tv movie version? Is it any good?
I watched this ish on Friday.

Some terrible acting for sure, but it has a smidget of potential. I'll tune in next week to give it another shot.
i liked it
its no masterpiece bad direction
but itsfun and kristina loken is hot
I am gaga over Kristanna Loken in this role. There were some good action sequences in the first ep. I say the more action scenes with her in it the better.
I love Kristanna Loken, and hope she finds stable work but this first ep sucked. I mean it was a cross between Time cop (an agencey created to...) and Heroes (the whole powers thing)...very unoriginal. And Loken came off like Jill Wagners character in Blade:The Series. I'll keep watching just cause of Loken (I see she's credited as a producer too) but i don't see a future for this show.

Btw, i just found out Loken is bi sexual. :up:
Can't agree, considering Painkiller Jane was a comic long before Heroes was a glint in NBC's eyes. If anything, this is kind of comparable to Alias, and I think there was a void left for this kind of show when it went off the air.
PK Jane could work if they changed fricking directors. The wild camera angles, & cuts are driving me up the wall.

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