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Panel Smasher Studios


Nov 5, 2006
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Hey folks, just thought I'd take a second to introduce the indie publishing group I've arranged here in Atlantic Canada.

We are a small group of writers, artists, and geek-culture enthusiasts that work to bring you new and entertaining comic books, videos and reviews of retro/new games, movies and TV shows. If it is a part of geek-culture, we’ll be sure to cover it! We are small, but are growing quickly.

Our channel on YouTube has been gaining some attention. If you're into AVGN, Linkara, or Nostalgia Critic, then you'll love our videos.

Issue #1 of my own comic, Uncanny Mythos, was just released the other day. If you want to visit our site, or read the comic just follow the links below. Same goes for our channel.

PANEL SMASHER STUDIOS HOME-BASE: http://panelsmasherstudios.com/

Read UNCANNY MYTHOS: http://uncannymythos.wordpress.com/comics/issue-1/

Our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/panelsmasherstudios?feature=mhee

So enjoy the comic and our vids. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter as well. Any constructive criticism you can offer is always appreciated. Thanks folks!

Fantastic stuff! I did my Masters at MUN - on the rock - so this is a nice thing to see coming out of the region!

Chapeau mon amies!
Hey folks, we're doing another Superhero Showdown for our channel, but this time it's a little different. Instead of doing one character each, we've assembled teams from both Marvel and DC. That's right, this video will be Marvel VS DC. So go to our site and vote for who you think should/would win! Video goes up in a week so think hard!


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