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Days of Future Past Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Return for Days of Future Past

Please confirm Hugh Jackman :) and somehow Jimmy Marsden
Was inevitable but is great to hear.
Somewhat predictable yet awesome news.
"More to come"

Holy crap!!! YES YES YES YES YES YES!!! This made my week!!!!!!!
Maybe expected at this point. But that doesn't stop me from totally nerdgasming at this news, especially being delivered from Singer himself!
Sweet news.

Looks like X-Men: The Last Stand is getting wiped out of continuity.

Okay, totally out of the loop on this film but how the hell is all of this suppose to fit together?

I'm getting confused....
Sweet news.

Looks like X-Men: The Last Stand is getting wiped out of continuity.


Good. I mean, I personally like X3, but I definitely would like for much of it to be retconned or just ignored.
great news!

and with the whole time travel deal in Days Of Future Past, then hopefully they will erase X3 from existence
Instead of completely ignoring X3, Perhaps they could those events as a catalyst to a much larger threat that requires the use of time travel to prevent such event. Thus using that continuity and erasing it at the same time?
Super excitied. I wont be surprised if Halle doesnt come back since she has to much drama in her life and doesnt seem like she and Singer have the same vision for Storm which will sadden me (since I actually enjoy her unlike most)
It will be great to see Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen back under Bryan Singer's direction.
And I am sure these are only first announcem,ents of returnees from earlier films.

I still think there Is possibilty of Bryan outright ignroing the Last Stand but If Fox tells him
the Last Stand has to remain In cannon the last scene had Magneto's powers returning and postcredit scene had Xavier waking up In his twin brother's body.
Wondering what will happen to the FC cast he DIDN'T mention, like January Jones etc.

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