Patton Oswalt's Totally Improvised Pitch for a SW/Marvel Crossover

That man is an improvisational genius.

That was glorious.
His pronunciation of Coruscant... this man is perfect.
The gist of it is Boba Fett gets out of the Sarlac pit. Han Solo shows Chewbacca's severed head to Luke and the young padawans. Lando and Leia are having an affair. Thanos uses the infinity gauntlet and creates a time ribbon which Tony Stark senses. A wormhole opens up and out come the X-Men in a "Quinjet." Patton's character says Hawkeye and Black Widow are second tier and says there will be no second tier characters in the movie then talks about calling in Moon Knight and Hercules and then all the Greek Gods from the Clash of the Titans movie to have a triple franchise. Boba Fett comes in the Slave One to save Luke from the X-Men Quinjet.

Something like that.
I hate to say I have no real idea who Patton Oswalt is.

After that clip, all that changes. :)


I want Oswalt to be the new creative consultant for Everything In Movies Ever.
Don't ask, just watch when you can. I've always loved Patton Oswalt. The man is a genius. All improvised and he shows his true nerd knowledge. This was amazingly funny.
He wants Moon Knight and Hercules, but he calls Black Widow and Hawkeye second tier.
I believe that was part of the joke as well. No second tier, then he says Moon Knight and Herc.

(But Herc IS awesome, so, you know....)
You see he says SPIDER-MAN as cream of the crop. OK yes Spider-Man makes sense.

Daredevil ... eh maybe OK. But how about say I don't know the Fantastic Four. Say Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four. Hercules and Moon Knight getting thrown in there as CREAM OF THE CROP was nerdly offensive :D .
This is one of the best videos I've seen in a while. The geekiness is maximum.
The fact that he's a geek like us is one of the reasons why Patton Oswalt is one of my favorite comedians. I just bought his book, actually. Can't wait to read it.
Geek swag on a hunderd, thousand,

btw, i'd watch the f*** outta that movie
That was magnificent! How were all those extras not laughing their asses off?!?
Okay, okay... really?

But that does make this picture I saw earlier today. Makes sense:


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