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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Paul Giamatti IS Rhino

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Nov 19, 2011
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Paul Giamatti in Talks to Play The Rhino in 'Spider-Man 2' (Exclusive)

Paul Giamatti is in talks to join The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to play the villain known as The Rhino while Felicity Jones also is negotiating for an unspecified role.

The duo will bolster an already impressive cast. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are back as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, Jamie Foxx is portraying bad guy Electro, Shailene Woodley is Mary Jane Watson and Dane DeHaan is Harry Osborne.

The Rhino first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #41 in 1966 as a thug from a Soviet Block country who wore a superhuman suit that made him invulnerable while giving him super-strength and super-speed. It also had a deadly horn on top.

In more recent comics, he became a sympathetic figure who found himself allying with Spider-Man.

The character that Jones would play has not been revealed.
The sequel, being directed by Marc Webb, is eyeing a February production start.

Giamatti last appeared in Rock of Ages and is currently shooting the JFK drama Parkland with Zac Efron and Jacki Weaver. He is repped by UTA, Kipperman Management and Sloane Offer.

British actress Jones may be best known for starring in Sundance darling Like Crazy and also appeared in Hysteria, the period romantic comedy about the invention of the first vibrator. She is repped by WME and Jodi Peikoff Law.

I really like Paul Giamatti and Rhino is one of my favorite villains.....but no. It's quite hard to believe.

If it's real, then I dread that they're going with Ultimate Rhino, who is just a suit with a little guy inside.
Wow...well this came out of left field

But I wouldn't mind it. I'm sure it's probably not a big role considering he would be cast so late. So maybe an opening battle with Spidey. Could be cool.
Saw that and i was like what....

Felicity Jones as Betty Brant??? :spidey:
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Rhino is a fun villain to use, but I'm having difficulties picturing Giamatti as Rhino. Though, funnily enough, these bizarre casting decisions are actually making me more excited to see this film to see how it turns out.
As soon as I heard Felicity's name I immediately thought of Betty Brant.
I really like Paul, but I don't know how they're going to pull this character off without making him silly for the general audience.
I think he'll be some local gangster. Somebody like Hammerhead.
Felicity Jones I could see as Betty Brant or Liz Allan.

I guess they could motion capture Rhino like the Hulk
Giamatti has been gunning for this role for years. It makes sense they'd try and get him for the role.

Now, this begs the question: what is Rhino's role in the script? Could TAS-M 2 involve a supervillain team-up? One of my favorite aspects of The Spectacular Spider-Man was the constant team-ups, particularly with Sandman and Rhino. Maybe Electro will be taking the place of Sandman in that dynamic.
I'm thinking it's a opening scene where Spidey takes him down in a matter of seconds
Y'know considering all the out-of-left-field casting choices so far I wouldn't be surprised if Felicity Jones is Norman Osborn.
Felicity Jones will likely be Betty Brant, but I pray that she's Felicia Hardy.
Giamatti seems like a very talented actor to waste on just an opening scene... I think the role will be more substantial than that.
Well...I am...amazed. Literally shocked.
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