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StarCraft: Remastered is free via Prime Gaming.

@Iceman I know you like the C&C franchise so check out SC if you've never played it before.

Thanks. Sorry, some of my alerts aren’t coming through so missing some of these. Thanks though. :up:
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is free to keep on Steam (giveaway ends November 8).


Few days left for Prime's November offerings:


One mystery game to be given away tomorrow.

And Steam is now available on newer Tesla vehicles. Steam Deck on wheels! :hehe:

FYI, God of War 2018 is 40% off on Steam right now.
The classic Fallout games free on EGS for the next ~15 hours:

Whoa, Death Stranding tomorrow!?

Free on GOG (28 hours left at the time of typing this):
Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

Also free:

Life is Strange 2 is the first game... Don't know why it's not showing.
Steam's 20th anniversary was last week!

Damn, I'm getting old. I remember checking Counter-Strike news back in 2000-2001 in the computer lab during lunch periods. In November 2004, I didn't go to class one morning to go buy a small game called Half-Life 2 at Future Shop (@DKDetective knows).

Also, GOG celebrates their 15th today. **** DRM!
Days Gone released on GOG today! First PS Studios game there since HZD.

Doom 3 (GOG) and Ghostwire: Tokyo (EGS) are free via Prime Gaming this month. I already have D3 so if anyone wants my key, let me know.

If you're a fan of Japanese survival horror games, EGS is giving away TEW this week and TEW2 next week.

Hot damn! Nice to see Sony releasing their games on GOG again.

Also, the latest Humble Bundle has 12 WB games, including Gotham Knights, for $15 USD:
About three hours left for TOW: Spacer's Choice Edition on EGS.


Supposedly, the remaining games are:

  • Dec 31|Ghostrunner
  • Jan 01|Escape Academy
  • Jan 02|20 Minutes Till Dawn
  • Jan 03|A Plague Tale: Innocence
  • Jan 04 - Jan 11| Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Looking forward to GotG.
About three hours left for TOW: Spacer's Choice Edition on EGS.

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The Spacer's Choice edition should be avoided at all costs. It is a very half-assed and buggy remaster from the publisher without any involvement from Obsidian. The original version is pretty much superior in every way.

Steamworks Development - AI Content on Steam - Steam News

Not a Saudi prince or an oligarch, but it is American video game billionaire [Valve/Steam's] Gabe Newell that has an armada of luxury yachts worth around $1 billion. Take a look at his 6 vessels that range from an research vessel, a 365 feet long luxury yacht and even a hospital ship.​


Geez... That single person working on Lethal Company is set for life.
I need to spread the word because this game needs to be seen and supported by everyone.

I dont know who of you know the game "The Movies" from back in the day.
It was a game where you were the owner of a movie studio.
You had to build sets, hire screenwriters, actors, crew etc and then could shoot movies.
You could choose out of dozens of sets, had hundreds of Animations to choose from etc...in editing you could edit and cut the movie, add effects and music etc.
It was a really really great game because the idea of running a movie studio is super cool.

And it looks like there finally is a Spiritual Successor to this on the way.
A game called Blockbuster Inc.

I hope the game turns out to really be a new "The Movies" and that with enough Success it could one day come to the Playstation.

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