The Amazing Spider-Man Peter was supposed to listen to Ben's voicemail earlier in the movie


Sep 13, 2015
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Okay, I KNOW NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS MOVIE ANYMORE, but bear with me, I only recently became obsessed with this movie and I have to post my discoveries somewhere right.

Y'all know the scene where Peter listens to Uncle Ben's voicemail at the end of the movie right? Well, that was supposed to happen way earlier in the movie. Elaborate? Fine, I will. So, when he begins to listen to it, he's wearing these clothes right?

But in the very next scene, his clothes are completely different. Oh, and note that in that very scene, Peter is packing down is camera in his backpack - the same camera that was destroyed by the lizard earlier, so it had to had taken place before that.

After he packs his bag, this deleted scene comes into the picture.

It's the scene of him almost being hit by a car and jumps up on the streetlight, and guess what - he's wearing the same clothes as in that scene above.

And in what other scene is he also wearing those clothes? Right, this scene. I always figured this scene was supposed to take place somewhere else in the movie actually. Because in the scene before and in the scene after, he's wearing different clothes.

So, the voicemail was supposed to be played over the scene where he's testing his powers - while Ben is talking about how Peter needs to figure out how to use his powers. It all makes sense now. Thank you for your time.
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