Political Intrigue vs Sword & Sorcery: What is Martin's intent story wise?

Discussion in 'Game of Thrones' started by blackdragon6, Mar 16, 2018.


What is more important?

  1. Sword & Sorcery

  2. Political Intrigue

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  1. blackdragon6

    blackdragon6 Well-Known Member

    Jul 30, 2013
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    I think GRRM's ambitious goal is declaring war on the "political games and the wars" via this idea of the White Walkers/zombies, this existential foe everyone overlooked (due to petty selfish short sighted distraction) until it was perhaps too late. That's what i always got from the show, but people are trying to redefine the books intent because they prefer the political intrigue.

    I guess in those people's defense GRRM should have better defined the existential enemy in the series. On the other hand that probably would have destroyed their mystique. Somebody at another board i go to said George is outstanding when it comes to political intrigue, and historical fiction, But terrible with low/dark fantasy stuff. Which is why people tend to disregard it.

    But what is your opinion on what is the intent of the franchise. work together for a common good ala Winston Churchill, or political melodrama? which takes precedence?
  2. Madam-Shogun

    Madam-Shogun Well-Known Member

    Jun 20, 2018
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    I think George wanted a little bit of both but concentrated more so on the historical aspect. The fantasy stuff seems like window dressing, even for low fantasy. I think the series got defined by political machinations unintentionally or not. It probably explains why Cersi is still alive.

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