Poll: Storm or Cyclops?

PhoenixRising said:
Rogue was my favorite in the cartoons.... :O

But after I saw the movies I fell for Phoenix

I fell for Jean after I saw the teaser for X3 a while ago and I knew that she wasn't the same Jean from X2 and so I kinda put the two together and yeah I too fell for Phoenix. -scratches his ear- damn it. stop it! ...

I chuckle whenever I hear Rogue say "sugar..." in the cartoons hehehe.
DarknessOfDeath said:
I fell for Jean after I saw the teaser for X3 a while ago and I knew that she wasn't the same Jean from X2 and so I kinda put the two together and yeah I too fell for Phoenix. -scratches his ear- damn it. stop it! ...

I chuckle whenever I hear Rogue say "sugar..." in the cartoons hehehe.

I loved that!

From now on I write in interesting colors and font. :D
I voted for Cyclops..though storm can get all the screen as she wants..give cyke a defining memorable moment with scott and jean at the end...thats it...one scene...send him out with glory is all i want..storm can have all the rest of screen time.....
cykes man! he needs it...and deserves it...let the phoenix saga live on!
In a perfect world, both should have had equal screentime. They are the two accepted "leaders" of the X-Men over the years (Blue and Gold team and so forth). Storm deserved a larger, more developed role, and Cyclops deserved to have a large role in the Phoenix storyline. Both should have engaged/encountered Phoenix at some point.

But then, we don't live in a perfect world.
Well if it is the Phoenix saga, Cyclops easily.

But hows about...we give less screen time to Logan, and more to Storm, ahve Cyclops be one of the main charecters.

Logan has gotten the majority of screen time in all 3 movies now and is getting his own movie. They shouldve lessoned his screen time and given it to the other X-men that we dont really know that much about(like Rouge, Cyclops, ect...)

Cyclops isnt even the same Cycs in the comics, Logan and Jeans relationship has progressed further then Cycs and Jeans relationship has in the first two movies.
I don't think we should see this as Storm vs Cyclops...as I have said before, both could've been given good roles...at the expensie of other characters (i.e Wolverine). Face it, Wolverine, although being very popular, is not crucial to the Phoenix saga. His popularity has been built through his origin stories moreso than anything else. The Phoenix/Dark Phoenix saga is about the X-Men working as a team to bring down a former team-mate/friend. And Cyclops is very crucial to that story. Logan is getting his sspin-off, there was no reason to make him Jean's saviour in this movie!
I think they Both deserve it. But we're dealing with the pheonix and it's obvious that Cyclops would of fit perfect into the story-line. I'm not bashing Wolverine, but he's the one who should of had A reduced role.
FieryBalrog said:
Cyclops. Its his storyline too. Its not Storms.

The "Phoenix" storyline is but one plot of several in this film.Therefore, there is no feasible reason why Scott couldn't have had a more fleshed out role, while Storm getting equal development in X3. They are facing entirely different issues (Storm is focused on the Cure problem, not Jean). In fact, they really have nothing to do with eachother at all.

This thread really makes no sense to me, because it's pitting the wrong two characters against eachother. Storm is not really usurping Scott's role in this film. Consider:

She's not in a romance with Jean.

She's not trying to save Jean.

She's not the one Jean wakes up to.

And she won't be the one that takes Jean out.

Logan is the one who is actually filling Scott's position in this saga--not Ororo Munroe people.
Short answer; Cyclops

Long answer; Both

This is a story arc where Cyclops is a heavily featured player, and as such, should have had an important role, even if the actor had limited time to shoot, and the character could only have limited time in the film, it should have been important. Not killing him off.

On the same token, Storm has been portrayed inaccuratley in both films thus far, and needed her character to be improved as well. Storm is a very vital character to the mythos, and should be a major player.

IMO, the focus characters should have been Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Beast, and Jean

Wolverine, because he's the poster boy for the X-Men
Cyclops, because he should be the "hero" of the Phoenix Saga, playing the role of Jean's savior
Storm, because she (as is being displayed in the movie) should take leadership when Scott leaves the team after being overcome with grief
Beast, as the political voice for mutants, and the way to tell us about the Cure story arc
And Jean should be self explanatory

Sounds like a lot. But I think it could have been done. Afterall, we are getting 4 of those 5 major roles. It just so happens that Wolverine's role is big enough for 2 :(
ginny_weasley said:
We shouldn't have to choose. They both deserved better treatment the third time around. Storm got it. Cyke didn't.

If I had to choose, I'd say Cyke - I'm not a rabid fan of Cyke: but I've always pulled for him because I support the original story and believe that the story should come first. Just my two cents.

Agree 100%:up:
Cyclops by a landslide!! Woohoo.

But Storm is definitely second.

Logan should barely be considered a team member...He should just show up like Worf in the Star Trek movies, after he got stationed at Deep Space Nine.
I'm loving Storm in this movie. But I voted for Cyke mainly because this is his saga and we won't be seeing him really at all, plus he dies and has no real future in the series.

But I personally think that since this was the end of the trilogy they should have paid off all of the original characters.

Storm, Jean, Wolverine, Xavier (somewhat), Magneto, Iceman all get good roles.

And even Mystique has an alright one.

But Rogue and Cyke get screwed.
This should really be a Cyclops or Wolverine poll.
Storm isn't the one usurping Cyke's role, they've been co-leaders at times and that could have been the case in this movie... if they didn't wan't to make the filthy animal take part in every single aspect of the story.

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