Poll: Storm or Cyclops?

X-Maniac said:
If Halle had signed on for SR, no doubt she'd be absent in X3.
There I disagree with you Maniac. You should know the schedule is only an excuse. With a month and a half of availability Marsden could've had a considerable role in X3. Remember that McKellen shot only 2 weeks for X2 and look at his role in that movie.
Endeavor said:
This should really be a Cyclops or Wolverine poll.
Storm isn't the one usurping Cyke's role, they've been co-leaders at times and that could have been the case in this movie... if they didn't wan't to make the filthy animal take part in every single aspect of the story.
I think it's pretty obvious who would win in a Cyclops vs. Wolverine poll. At least this way it's not that painful obvious who'd win....well, kind of.

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